How to Empty Comments on TikTok Using Blank Fonts

Are you currently curious and looking for empty comments on Tiktok that are trending and viral right now? If so, let’s just take a look at the article that we will present below, friend!

You must already know that the Tiktok application is one of the social media applications that is quite popular in the community and is widely used by smartphone users from all over the world, from children to adults though. Not surprisingly, this social networking application from China topped the list as the most popular social media application with a total of hundreds of millions of users.

There is a lot of viral content and things that started with tiktok and eventually became a trend until it was mostly done by tiktok users and other social media application users. One of the things that Tiktok users often do lately is to write empty comments on a number of videos uploaded on the social media platform.

It seems that not many people know how to make empty comments on tiktok so they are curious and look for ways to do that. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss a tutorial on how to write blank comments in the Tiktok comment column which is currently viral among Tiktok netizens.

Information About Blank Comments on Tiktok Social Media

how to comment blank on tiktok

As a social media application, Tiktok social media displays content in the form of short videos that can be shared by its users and allows users to interact with each other through the application. Unlike other social media applications, Tik Tok is a place of entertainment that provides audio-visual content in the form of videos with a duration of between 15 seconds and a maximum of 10 minutes.

In a social media application, it will feel less if its users cannot provide feedback or interact with content creators and other tiktok users. Therefore, the Tiktok developer provides features for its residents to be able to provide feedback in the form of likes, comments, and also shares.

In addition, users of this application can also do live streaming like most social media applications. As previously explained, Tiktok brings up a lot of the latest trends that are sometimes accidentally created by its users. One of the latest trends that many tiktok users do is to write empty comments on videos uploaded on tiktok.

As the name implies, an empty comment is a comment that does not display any text or writing in it. Empty comments mean that comment interactions really don’t see any characters, but these empty comments can still be entered and seen by serious tiktok users. So, many are curious about how to make empty comments on Tiktok which is a trend right now.

How to Empty Comments on Tiktok Using Blank Fonts

Did you know, actually making blank comments on the Tiktok application can be done using empty fonts or invisible characters found on a website that provides blank fonts called The website provides blank fonts or invisible characters which are also known as invisible characters.

You can copy these blank fonts or invisible characters and then use them to write blank comments on Tiktok. So, actually this blank comment doesn’t mean you didn’t write anything or just write a space, but this empty comment is done by using invisible characters.

For those of you who want to try to write empty comments on Tiktok which are currently trending, then the method is very easy, you guys. You just need to follow the short guide that we will share below to write blank comments.

  1. First, open the browser on your cellphone and enter the site via the link that you can click here.
  2. Click the copy button, so the invisible character will be copied on your keyboard.
  3. After that, open the Tik tok application on your cellphone, then open the video you want to comment on and click the video comment column.
  4. If you have entered the comments field, long press on the keyboard until the word ‘paste’ appears and click the paste button.
  5. Invisible character that has been copied and you just type the send button to send the comment.

You can use this invisible character in other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications.

Well, that’s the discussion about the tutorial on how to comment blankly on tiktok, the information we have presented specifically for you Tiktok users. Hopefully this article can be useful and can be your reference for making empty comments that are currently trending on Tiktok.