How to Enter the Latest Regular TikTok Invitation Code 2021 – TikTok can be said as one of the applications that can provide income to its users. One way is to enter the invitation code provided. However, there are still many people who don’t know how to enter an invitation code TikTok. Finally they are difficult to get money.

In fact, the TikTok app provides a variety of ways to earn money. It can be done by completing tasks that only watch videos, upload videos, and one of them is by inviting friends to use this application.

For those of you who are new, of course this method can be used as a source of income. You only need to enter the invitation code or usually referred to as the referral code first. Unmitigated, this way you can get money up to Rp. 300,000, you know.

That too in just one day. However, as said at the beginning, there are still many people who have difficulty and do not know how to enter the invitation code. And this of course, will hinder you from being able to get money with a fairly large nominal.

However, for those of you who are still confused, now you can rest easy. Because the following will explain some steps so that you can enter the invitation code and get money right away.

How to Enter TikTok Invitation Code Easily

At least, there are two ways you can enter the invitation code. These two methods are specifically for new users as well as users who have been playing and using the TikTok application for a long time.

For new users, please download the Tiktok application here first, here’s how you need to do it.

  1. First, first download the TikTok application via the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Make sure your application is downloaded from there, because if you install an application from a third party, then the feature of entering the invitation code can’t even be used.
  3. After downloading it, just open the TikTok application.
  4. When you have entered the initial screen, do login first.
  5. You can login in several ways, namely by using your Facebook account by linking it, or by using the active phone number that you are currently using.
  6. The trick is to press Profile before.
  7. Then, click My Menu which is in the lower right corner.
  8. After that, you will be shown an icon in the form of a coin in the upper left corner. The color is orange.
  9. Click the icon in the form of the coin
  10. Then, there you will be shown a column to enter the invitation code GBCW8M22EPYUB.
  11. Copy the invitation code that you have and just paste it in the column provided.
  12. Next, click Confirmation.
  13. Automatically, your points that can be exchanged for money will increase.

To be able to get more money, the condition is only one. Frequently enter an invitation code that you can get from friends, relatives, family, or an invitation code online to be able to collect points. The more points, the more money you can exchange.

Also See How For Old Users

The method above can only be used by novice users or users who are new to TikTok. For those of you who are old users, there is a different way. Here are the ways and steps you can do.

  1. First, once you already have the TikTok app, go to Settings or Arrangement that is on your smartphone.
  2. Second, look for All Apps
  3. Third, look for Installed Apps.
  4. Then, just select the TikTok app
  5. After entering the storage menu of the TikTok application, there are several options such as Clear Data, Uninstall, open, Forced stopand Clear Cache.
  6. The next step is that you have to delete the data on TikTok.
  7. The trick is to press options Clear Data.
  8. Now, after the data in TikTok is deleted, you can re-register with the data as in the new user steps previously described.
  9. Just enter the invitation code that you already have in order to get your first points like the method previously explained.

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By using this method, even if you are a long time TikTok user, you can still earn money just by how to enter TikTok invitation code. This method is quite easy. However, his income is still relatively limited, only hundreds of thousands a day.

If you want more money from this application, there are still other ways that you can use. Some of these ways are getting endorsements from big brands, accepting sponsorship offers on your tiktok content, becoming a manager of multiple TikTok accounts.

In addition, you can still learn about TikTok Ads. Learn in depth about the ins and outs of the TikTok Ads platform, from algorithms to technical ways to make content go viral easily. After that, offer your Ads services to big brands or individuals.

With these several ways, you can reap even more rupiah coffers. However, this method requires more effort than just entering the invitation code. However, with it you can get rich suddenly. Good luck!