How to Find Story, Reels, and Live Effects on Instagram for Your Own Use

How to Find Story, Reels, and Live Effects in Instagram Header

Gadgetren – Instagram Story is one of the Instagram features that many people visit because of its strategic location so many people are curious to see it.

In Instagram Stories, you can create interesting videos using effects or filters that have been created by Instagram or other users.

The average effect presented on Instagram will be active when it detects the user’s face. There are various types of filters, ranging from adding interesting effects to the face, body, or surroundings.

But if you are bored with the default effects or filters from Instagram, it turns out that you can look for effects made by other users, which are very numerous.

How to Find Instagram Effects and Filters

Through Own Story

  1. Access and login the Instagram app
  2. On page home, select menu Add icon + in the box at the top
  3. Next, select menu Story
  4. Sliding Effects at the bottom to Browse Effects
  5. select Browse Effects and go straight to the page Effects gallery
    Instagram Browse Effects
  6. Select an effect to view preview first
  7. On page previews, select button Save Effect the one with the down arrow icon to save the effect to your account
  8. Meanwhile, if you want to try it right away, then press the button Try It the camera icon
  9. You can directly use the selected effect on the created Story
    Instagram Browse Effects 2

In addition, the effects you have saved can also be applied to Reels and Lives. But if you want to choose various effects, unfortunately it can only be done on the Story page. Meanwhile Reels and Live pages can only use effects that have been saved and cannot search for them.

But if you find interesting effects in other people’s stories, then you can also use them on stories, reels, or live that you create.

Through Other People’s Stories

  1. On Story others, choose Effects at the top with the icon three stars
  2. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Save Effect which has a ribbon icon to save it
  3. If you want to try it right away, you can press the button Try It the camera icon
  4. Next, you move to the page Story to use that effect
    Another account's Instagram effect

For the record, effects taken from other people can also be applied to make Reels and Live videos more interesting. Furthermore, you can be more creative by adding stickers, GIF images, songs, and more to make the video even more interesting.

For photos or videos made in Stories, the show time is only 24 hours. After the time is up, the Story video will not be able to be seen by others because it will automatically enter the Archive menu.

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