How To Get Free FF Diamonds With & Without Apps – One of the most important things in the Free Fire online game is diamonds, where you can buy items, bundles, skins, etc. that are needed. Generally, when you want to get diamonds, players must top up via credit with rupiah money first. But with how to get free FF diamonds that we provide on this occasion, may be an alternative so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Free Fire is an online game with the battle royale genre that is very popular with teenagers and children. The number of users that can be seen through Plystore has reached more than 1 billion. This means that the game has an important place in the hearts of Android smartphone users. Not without reason, the gameplay seems easy and the controls are not too complicated. In addition, there are many characters to choose from along with costume skins, weapons, parachutes and even weapon skins.

To get all these items, players must buy using the diamonds they have. In other words, diamonds are the ‘currency’ in the game released by Garena. Meanwhile, to get diamonds, you need to buy with rupiah money by way of top up pulses, account transfers and many other ways.

Easy Ways to Get Free FF Diamonds

Getting free diamonds is not an easy matter. There are several things you must do, including patience and tenacity. This is because there are two ways to get it, first with other supporting applications, and second without using additional applications.

We will discuss the two methods above with their respective explanations so that you are not confused. In addition, you can choose which method is effective. Each of you will have your own taste. Moreover, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

By getting FF diamonds to be shared, we hope that we can help you get lots of diamonds without spending any money. That way, you can save money for other purposes.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds without Application

Can’t wait for information on how to get FF diamonds without top up? Okay, first let’s discuss which does not use additional applications. Because without the application, so you have to take another way. There are several ways that can be done, namely by participating in events, tournaments, Giveaways, etc.

1. How to Get Free FF Diamonds by Participating in a Giveaway

Already know that this one method is quite effective to get free diamonds? If you don’t know, you should pay close attention to our explanation. Giveaway is an event for giving prizes by owners of Youtube channels or other social media video platforms.

They don’t just share free FF diamonds, they usually also share free items, bundles and skins. To get it, you have to compete with other players who are also participating in the Giveaway program. So basically, you are fighting over the prizes given by answering the questions given or certain missions.

2. Through Garena’s Official Event

Garena, as the developer of the Free Fire online game, can also be used as a way to get free diamonds. To be precise, you have to take part in the official event that is being held. Similar to the Giveaway program from other FF players who are also YouTube creators, the FF event also provides various prizes, apart from diamonds.

3. Free Fire Tournament

Have you ever participated in a FF tournament? If not, you can try to follow it from time to time to find out how great the skills are. In addition, tournaments often provide free diamond prizes for the winners.

4. FF Redeem Code

The last way to get free FF diamonds without an application is to use the FF redeem code. You can get the code from the big event held by Garena. For that, you have to monitor their fanspage or site every day. Who knows by chance there is an event being held!

How to Get Free FF Diamonds with Apps

Do you think the method above is too difficult to do? We have told you before that it takes patience and perseverance to get free Free Fire diamonds. But don’t worry, there are other ways that can be done, namely with the help of additional applications. What are the applications in question?

1. Codashop Apk

Codashop is a site that also provides applications on the Playstore. The site provides diamond top up services with various payment methods. But reportedly, many players also get big promos up to free vouchers for Free Fire diamond top ups.

2. BacaPlus Application

The next application is BacaPlus, where you can get points that can be exchanged for credit. Later, you can use the credit to top up diamonds. It does not technically give diamonds directly, but it can also be an alternative if you are a patient player.

3. Wesing Apk

Wesing is an application used for karaoke, singing and voice recording. Interestingly, you can get points for these activities. With the points that have been collected, you can exchange them for credit or withdraw them through a digital wallet. Technically, you can get diamonds without spending rupiah, aka free.


Those are some ways to get free FF diamonds that you can do. Please adjust to what you think is easy to do. One thing you need to know, all of the above methods are worth fighting for.