How to Increase Effective Mobile Legends Rank Quickly – GOODGAME.ID

In the mobile legends game, in addition to trying to win the game, every player must try to increase the ranking or push rank. Unfortunately, raising this rank is not easy and requires a few tricks. Here’s how to quickly rank mobile legends.

Use a Stable Internet Network

This is quite important for gamers to pay attention to, because this is an online game that requires a stable internet connection. So, before playing, make sure the internet network that is used is stable and does not break.

If in the middle of the game, the player loses the signal or lags, it will automatically AFKT or away from the keyboard. This can be detrimental to other team members and can make the team lose.

Make sure you have learned about the skills and power of the hero

In the Mobile Legends game, players can use heroes according to their choice. However, before choosing a hero, make sure that the hero to be used has been well studied with its skills and power.

Mobile Legends has many heroes that can be used and the number can continue to grow. Each of these heroes has a different role, some play the role of Fighter, Assassin, Tank, Mage, and so on.

In order to win many matches, use hero reliable. Some heroes are suitable for use by beginners such as Rafaela, Saber, Audora, Layla, or Miya.

Consider Team Composition

Mobile Legends is a game that is usually played together with a team. Considering the composition of the team before playing is very important to do by understanding the composition of friends and foes.

Mandatory compositions that must exist in this game are early game, late game and support heroes. Don’t forget the carry and tank must also be in the team. Consider carefully these three things so that the team becomes balanced and it is easier to win the game.

Use Hero Meta in Game

The next quick way to rank mobile legends is to use meta heroes, which can be used to win matches easily. Every season, Mobile Legends updates heroes, usually there are heroes who get buffs and neffs.

Heroes who have this buff are usually used as meta heroes because they have various advantages that can be used to win matches. Some examples of meta heroes that can be used are Ling, Uranus, Khufra, Lancelot, and so on.

Don’t Forget to Always Strengthen Hero

The heroes used for matches do have certain skills and powers, and both can be improved by using the appropriate build items or equipment. The goal is to get more leverage in the fight.

Several build items to choose from such as Top Player Equipment Sets or Popular Equipment Sets. Novice players can use it, if you are still hesitant to experiment. If you want maximum results, you can buy emblems or diamonds, so you can use the strongest build.

Choose the Right Playtime

If you want to increase your rank quickly, pay attention to the right time to play. Usually mornings and evenings are the right choices, because in the morning most of the players who play are beginners, so it’s easier to do push solos rank.

At night, the pro players usually play. So, there will be many strong opponents that will appear, but there is no need to worry because the team composition is also balanced.

Another important thing that needs to be considered in order to quickly increase the rank of mobile legends is the level of player maturity. So, no need to worry about selfish playing, AFK and other things.