How to install Windows 7 with a flash drive along with the latest pictures this year – How to Install Windows 7 This is the most suitable for those of you who have not experience installing Windows. You can install Windows 7 using flash or CD/DVD player.

Reinstalling is a solution if you feel that your laptop has a lot of errors or is infected with a virus.

Well we have a detailed step by step tutorial to install Windows 7 along with photos.

Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft Windows which is still widely used today.

This is due to many reasons, such as being lighter and easier to use, having a simple and elegant appearance, lots of features, and of course support for various applications.

The Windows 7 installation method is also similar to the Windows 8 or Windows 10 installation method.

However, if you are a newbie, you must read and understand this method properly until you finish it. So that there will be no errors during the Windows 7 installation process.

How to Install Windows 7 Easily

How to Install Windows 7

Before the installation process, there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as:

  • Backing up valuable data that is in the general part of the system, this part is part C. Including backing up the data in my documents. Because the partition will be deleted later, and we will replace it with the new Windows 10 operating system.
  • prepare the Windows operating system installer using a DVD or flash drive, which of course we configured this way using Rufus so that it can be read as a boot disk.
    Set primary boot or boot device priority.
    when you do the installation on a laptop. We recommend connecting the laptop using a charger. So when the laptop installation process does not run out of power.

Installing using a CD/DVD is almost the same as installing Windows using flash memory. Only the steps in the BIOS settings only.

The first way to install Windows 10 is to create Boot Settings in the Bios menu.

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Set Primary Boot

By default the computer will boot first using the hard drive. So we have to replace it first.

So that the first boot is done from a DVD or Flashdisk.

How to Set Primary Boot

1. Insert CD into Computer

If you are using a flash, then connect the flash with the Windows installation to your computer first.

After we do the Boot settings in the BIOS, our computer will restart automatically. Now it’s time for us to do the installation process.

Steps to Install Windows 7

1. Press Keyboard tombol button

Press any keyboard

After the restart process, a black window will appear with the words Press any key to boot from CD . Press any key on the keyboard to enter the installation.

2. Set Language and time format

Set Language and time format

After that the Windows Settings window will appear. Language and time settings. Select English in the Languages ​​section to install.

Then in the Time format and currency changed to Indonesian (Indonesian). In the Keyboard or input method section, leave it by default. After that click Next.

Then click Install Now.

Install Now

3. Agree to License

Accept License

Then the approval window will appear. Click on I accept the license terms until a check mark appears in the box. After that, click Next to go to the next process.

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4. Click Custom Advance

Choose Custom Advance

5. Hard disk partition

Here the disk partition will appear on our computer. After deleting partition system C by clicking on it then select delete. You have to be careful not to delete the wrong partition.

After the partition is deleted. Create a new partition by clicking Unallocated Space and then click New.

Hard disk partition

For the installation process click on the partition then select Next.

Hard disk partition

Click apply

6. Windows 7 Installation Process Runs

Install process

Next, the installation process will run, Wait until the process is complete.

When the process is complete, the computer will automatically restart. At the time when our computer restarts, remove the flash, but if you use a DVD, you don’t have to remove it.

Windows 7 Initial Settings

1. Fill in the Username

Fill in Username

There will be a Windows Settings window. Fill in the computer user name as we wish. Then click Next.

2. Create a password

Create a password

Then the option to enter a password will appear. Here we can provide a password or not according to our choice. Then click Next.

3. Enter the product key

Enter product key

Enter the Windows 7 Product key in that field. then click button Next.

Then click Use recommended settings.

Use recommended settings

4. Set the date and time

Set date and time

Next set the time and date on your computer. try to set it up properly. Then click Next.

5. Define the Network place

Define Network Location

Click and select Public Network.


install complete

after that you will be redirected to your computer desktop which indicates that the Windows 7 installation process has been completed and successful then your computer is ready to use.

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So, that’s how to install Windows 7. which we wrote in this article, easy isn’t it, hopefully useful and thank you.