How to Join, Benefits & Rules

WA Anime Groups – For those of you who like to watch anime series films or often referred to as Wibu, Otaku or Waifu. On this occasion Ulingame will share several Wa Anime groups that you can enter the Anime lover community on Whatsapp.

By joining the Wa Anime group, you can get the latest information about Anime and some things related to Japanese culture.

Not a few people are looking for WA Anime group links on the internet, because by joining a WA group, you can get various benefits, for example, getting the latest information about Anime and others.

Now on this occasion, Ulingame will share some links to the Wa Anime Group. Especially anime lovers, you should join the groups below so you don’t miss the latest info.

What is Anime

What is Anime

Anime is an animated cartoon originating from Japan that has been drawn manually by hand or made using computer technology.

Basically the word Anime refers to the meaning of Animation, namely animation where this term is used as a reference to all animation or film titles originating from Japan.

There are various ways to enjoy Anime, from reading comics, watching anime movies to the end, cosplaying anime and meeting new people who like watching anime.

List of Most Popular Anime Series in Indonesia

For beginners who like watching Anime movies, here are some recommendations for the most popular Anime movie titles in Indonesia that you can use as references for the next movie to watch below.

Dead The Duke of Death & His Maid
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Part 2
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom
The Case Study of Vanitas
The Detective is Already Dead
Remake Our Life!
Sonny Boy
I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 2
Tokyo Refengers

Haikyuu WA Anime Group Link

International Anime WA Group Link

The Coolest Anime Whatsapp Group Links in Indo

AOT Indonesia WA Anime Group Link

Attack On Titan MemberJoin
AOT Daily GamesJoin
Animers FansJoin
AOT Fan IDJoin
Attack on TitanJoin
Levi AckermenJoin
AOT ID GroupJoin
Attack on TitanJoin

How to Join WA Anime Group

How to Join Anime Group

After finding the Wa Anime Group Link link, of course you are interested in joining but don’t know how to join? You can follow several steps to enter the group below.

  1. Please first select some of the Group links above.
  2. After finding and matching you want to join, please press the link.
  3. Then the view will be moved to the Whatsapp Group Invitation page.
  4. Please click Join To Chat in the middle.
  5. Finished.

Benefits of Joining the Anime WA Group

As Ulingame said before, by joining the Whatsapp Anime community group, you can get several benefits including:

  1. Get the latest Anime movie updates.
  2. Add friends and acquaintances.
  3. Exchange information about Anime.
  4. Entertainment facility.

WA Anime Group Rules

Not only places that have rules, but groups or communities also have their own rules. Now the WAAnime Group also applies this which members should not do when in the group.

  1. Can’t do SARA
  2. Spam chat, stickers, photos, videos and others are prohibited except for admins who share information about Anime.
  3. Respect all members of the community.
  4. Not allowed to discuss outside Anime in the group.
  5. Courtesy must be applied when a member asks a question.

The final word

That’s the full review from Ulingame regarding the WA Anime Group Links that you can enter and become members of the anime lover community. Hopefully the above discussion can help friends who like to watch Anime movies to get the latest movie updates that you like.