How to Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing Hidden Without the Latest Applications of the Year

How to Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing Often we feel disturbed by busy WA groups. We can leave WhatsApp groups unnoticed by using a special method.

WhatsApp groups usually consist of several members. Groups can be sharing groups, hobbies, news, information, even alumni.

Groups for some people are really very important. In addition to maintaining friendship in the people of other group members. With our WA groups, we can also exchange information with many people at once.

While sometimes helpful, there are some groups that annoy us. Because the topic of discussion in the group can be considered insignificant.

If we want to leave the group but are afraid of traffic jams and feel bad for other members. we will provide a solution, we can easily leave the group without getting caught.

How to Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing

How to Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing

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The first step we can do to get out of WhatsApp Group without getting stuck is to change our cellphone number. But make sure the new mobile number is still active.

How to Change WA Number:

1. Open WhatsApp App

First, open our WhatsApp application on Android.

2. Go to Settings

After that, open the settings by touching the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner. Then select the Settings or Settings menu.

3. Enter Old Number

Now on the Change Numbers page. Enter the old number or WA number. Then you also enter a replacement number for the WA number. Make sure both numbers are active. If you have already touched Done in the top right corner.

4. Clear WhatsApp Data

After we changed the WA number. The next step is to delete WhatsApp data. Open menu Settings on our smartphone > Then go to app settings > Find and then select WhatsApp app > When it opens, select Clear data to delete all your WhatsApp data. Here you have managed to get out of the annoying WA group.

5. Re-login

The last step is to log in again with the old number. But don’t login directly to WhatsApp when you just delete data. Wait about 30 to 45 minutes.

6. Done

If it is successful, we can log in with the old WhatsApp number. Follow all sign-in processes. If the Reset option appears, select Yes to restore all conversation data that we previously backed up.

Before you do the above method, we recommend backing up your WhatsApp chat to avoid losing important data on your WhatsApp,

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How to Backup Whatsapp Chats

The following is a way to back up or back up whatsapp chat history.

How to Backup Whatsapp messages

  • Open WhatsAppFirst, open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • ArrangementClick the Settings menu in the upper left corner, click Chats, then Back up chats. Select the menu button with the dot icon in the top corner > Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • Click on BackupThen you will see a button to back up or back up. Click the Backup section to back up your chats. Whatsapp will try to save to SD card first if you have one. Otherwise, the backup will be saved on your phone’s internal storage. But if you want to keep it in your Google Account, change the setting in Backup to Google Drive.

You can set up backups only when you click Back up or automatically, either daily, weekly, or monthly.
After you change it, you will be asked to select your Google Account.

Make sure your Google Account is always safe, because in the future you will need it if you change phones.

You can also choose to back up only when using WiFi or you can also use mobile data.

Note that each automatic backup to Google Drive will replace the last saved file.

Therefore, if you delete something wrong, you should restore it before making a backup.

This is a way to back up or back up messages on your WhatsApp.

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You can do this just in case you don’t lose important messages that can be lost unexpectedly due to events such as losing your cellphone or cellphone that suddenly hangs, Hopefully it’s useful,