How to Live Broadcast on Tiktok & the Latest Terms of Live TikTok 2022 – Some time ago, Tiktok released a new feature that can be done for live streaming videos. Thus, you can have direct ‘two-way’ communication with the audience. But still you have to know how to go live on Tiktok in the right way in order to take full advantage of these new features. But don’t worry, it’s not too difficult, as long as you meet all the requirements.

The Tiktok application is an alternative as social media with a short video platform. Although there are several rivals, Tiktok is not bothered by their arrival. The reason is, there are many advantages and superior features of this application that comes from China that its users cannot leave behind. One of them can be used as a promising money-making application with a coin system as its digital currency.

With the existence of Tiktok’s new feature, which is being able to live stream the application, of course, more and more users don’t want to miss trying it. This is evident from the number of accounts that broadcast live at some time, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. Interestingly, not only streaming music, travel or the usual stuff, but you can also play live games on Tiktok. This is of course a profitable thing for game creator content, such as FF, ML or PUBG.

Conditions for Live Streaming on Tiktok

Since its launch 5 years ago, in 2016, Tiktok has always provided something interesting. Call it the filter feature that can make videos more unique and funny. In addition, the duration of the video provided is also suitable to entertain viewers. Not too long that will saturate viewers, nor too short to convey the intent and purpose of the video.

For those of you who need a longer video duration to communicate with the audience, please take advantage of the Tiktok live broadcast feature. But you need to know, there are requirements that must be met before you can do it. What are the requirements in question?

1. Registered As a Music Tiktok Account

When registering a new account on Tiktok, you are not registered as a music account immediately. For that, make sure you are registered there. After you are sure that you have registered, please see the next terms.

2. How to Live Broadcast on Tiktok, Age Requirements Above 16 Years

Most social media does address the age of its users, including the short video application Tiktok. This is to protect users from cybercrimes, because under the age of 16 can be said to have unstable emotions. So make sure your current age is more than 16 years. Although you can ‘fool’ the system by manipulating the year of birth, this is not a wise move.

3. The Latest Version of Tiktok App

The next requirement as a way to activate the live Tiktok feature is that the application used is the most updated. That is, the version of Tiktok that is used for live broadcasts must be the latest, be it Tiktok can or Tiktok Lite.

4. Have at least 1000 followers

Okay, let’s say you’re already using a music account, over the age of 16 and using the latest version of Tiktok, can you broadcast live on Tiktok? Sorry, it turns out that there is still a final condition, which is to have at least 1000 followers. To get that many followers, you need to actively upload the latest and unique and entertaining videos.

How to go live on Tiktok

Some of the short videos on Tiktok that you can enjoy are of the types of humor, plays, romance, pranks and challenges. Although there are many more genres that can entertain and fill your spare time. However, it cannot be denied that the Tiktok challenge videos are the most and the best lately.

As a short video social media platform that has many users, Tiktok should provide the best, both in terms of features and ease of use (user interface). This convenience is also embedded in their new feature, here’s a live tutorial on Tiktok that can be done in the easiest way.

  1. Open the Tiktok app (Android or iOS).
  2. Press symbol ‘+’ on the main page (bottom).
  3. Give ‘title‘ which is interesting and if it makes the potential audience curious.
  4. For ‘caption‘ which is unique and informative that describes your goal in making Tiktok live stream.
  5. If you are sure with everything, also ready for action, please click ‘Go Live‘.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Go Live on Tiktok

It’s already known how to broadcast live on Tiktok, of course everyone can do the steps above, right! However, there are a number of questions that come in about the live Tiktok, here we have collected questions and problems that often occur.

1. Why can’t I live on Tiktok?

Most likely you do not meet any of the above requirements, or even all of them. But if you are sure that it has been fulfilled, you can check the internet connection that is used. Try closing the Tiktok application, clearing the cache and repeating again making a live stream like the example above.

2. Why can’t I comment on live Tiktok?

Comments are one of the features contained in the video streaming application. That is, it depends on the creator of the live broadcast. So if you can’t comment on live Tiktok, that means the comment feature was disabled by the creator.

3. Does Live on Tiktok Earn Money?

Technically yes, you can earn money from audience donations if they are entertained or find your live broadcast useful. Therefore, make live streaming videos that are unique, interesting, and entertaining.


That’s a detailed discussion of how to broadcast live on Tiktok and the conditions that must be met. If you feel that streaming Tiktok is useful, please join it immediately. Who knows, many viewers donate, so you can get a lot of money.