How to Make Blank Font Comments on TikTok, Facebook, Or Instagram

How to Make a Header Blank Font Comment

Gadgetren – Some time ago, there has been a discussion about people who comment with blank writing or fonts on social media such as Facebook and TikTok.

By default, we cannot leave blank comments as a form of spam prevention. Moreover, if you use the space bar, the text cannot be sent or an error message appears.

You must use the Font Blank Generator site so that you can directly create blank text or fonts. You simply copy the data by pressing the Copy button generated by the Font Blank Generator and pasting it in the comments column.

How to Make a Blank Font Comment

  1. Open the browser on your cellphone or laptop
  2. Visit the Blank Font Generator site
  3. Search generator menu for blank font
  4. Press square button gray above the words Copy
    Blank Comment Generator Blank Fonts
  5. Access desired social media apps
  6. Next Paste or paste it in the comments

Even though it works on some popular social media, unfortunately, using the Blank Font Generator can’t be done on the TikTok application. When I tried it, the system on TikTok gave an Invalid Parameter message.

For that, you can try an alternative way to add blank text or fonts to the special comments column on TikTok.

Only on TikTok

  1. Open TikTok app and log in account
  2. On page home, go to menu Search at the top
  3. Type blank comment
  4. Next, select top TikTok videos emerging
  5. After entering the video, select comment field the icon dot inside dialog balloon
  6. Find users who blank comment
  7. Copy or Copy those empty comments
  8. Furthermore, Paste or Paste in the comments column

Until this article was made, I have not found a special code or way that can create blank comments on TikTok directly. In other words, you have to copy existing comments from other users.

It seems that leaving blank comments on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp is easier than TikTok. If you have other ways to present comments with blank fonts on social media, then you can write them in the comments column.