How to Open Messenger Without Knowing the Sender, The Right Trick! – For privacy reasons, sometimes we want to read Messenger without getting caught. But how to open a friend’s messenger without being noticed? It’s easy, there is a trick you can do to be able to open messenger without being caught.

Do you often use Facebook Messenger? Of course you know with the Read Receipts feature, which is similar to the one on WhatsApp, Line or other applications messaging other.

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The Read Receipts feature itself allows your friends to know if the messages they sent you have been read or not.

But for the recipient, sometimes this feature is quite disturbing their “privacy”, because often they want to open the messenger without the friend who sent it.

Now, Telset have a trick how to open messenger without being noticed. It’s very easy. You just need to follow the steps so you can know how to read messenger without getting caught.

Here’s how to open messenger without friends knowing or without knowing. Let’s take a look at the tips!

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How to Read Messenger Messages Without Being Found

To know how to open messenger without being noticed, follow the steps below:

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How easy is it to open messenger without friends knowing? Good luck trying to read Messenger without the sender knowing! (FHP/MS)