How to Overcome an Invalid MMI Code on all the Latest Indonesian Operators this Year

On this occasion, the admin will provide info and tutorials on How to Overcome Invalid MMI Codes which we will review in more detail in this article.

Invalid MMI Code“Do you often have problems displaying messages like that when you access the dial or ussd code on your cellphone?

If so, it is indeed a simple problem but also sometimes annoying and irritates us, but now you don’t need to be confused.

Because the problem is very easy to solve, and here we will share how to do it for you, how? just read this article to the end.

How to Solve Invalid MMI Code

How to Solve Invalid MMI Code

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This problem often occurs in almost all providers / operators in Indonesia,

And usually this problem occurs when we want to check via dial or want to buy a package.

actually this problem is very easy to solve, and the method is also very simple, see below for the steps.

1. Make sure the code is correct

First, make sure that the ussd code that you are accessing is correct, sometimes the code can no longer be used or there is a change in the access code in each operator.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Airplane is a powerful way to refresh problematic networks, such as slow internet signal loss and invalid mmi codes.

The method is also very easy to do on all Android and iPhone phones.

You just have to find the settings menu then look for the airplane or airplane mode option, then turn it on and leave it for a few seconds 5-10 seconds and then turn it off again.

After that, try to do it again to access the ussd code that you want to access.

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3. Add Multiplication (+) OR (,)

Usually this code works, so you just need to add the + code at the beginning of the code like = * + 333 #.

Or you can also add a comma at the end of the code like = *888#,

4. Restart the phone

The last one is to restart your cellphone by restarting it or also by disabling it.

then after you reactivate it you try to repeat the code you want to access again.

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So that’s our full review of How to Overcome Invalid MMI Codes that we have explained in this post, you can use this method to solve it.

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