How to Overcome Google Keeps Stopping on Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. cellphones – As android users, we cannot avoid some of the problems that often appear on Google. As we know, recently users were shocked by an error on Google and a notification appeared Google Keeps Quitting (Google Keeps Stopping). Of course, this problem is very disturbing for some people, especially when it comes to work problems. So here’s how to fix Google keeps stopping.

If the problem occurs on your smartphone, you should first know the cause. You need to know, that there are many factors that can affect the occurrence of the Google Constantly Stopping problem on the device you are using. Especially if the emergence of this problem occurs by almost all types of android smartphones that both install the Google App.

Google itself is the largest company that has a variety of certain products that are commonly used by many people around the world. Like a search engine or browser. In addition, products such as Google Chrome and applications from other Google services are usually installed automatically on Android smartphones. And as android smartphone users, we can’t avoid problems with google.

Google Bugs Keep Stopping

As we mentioned earlier, not long ago many of the users who were facing the problem of Google bugs kept stopping on their smartphones. And the appearance of notifications like this is considered very disturbing by some people. Because the notification often appears when we want to close the error notification.

Even though it has been closed, in fact the notification still continues to appear. Especially if this problem occurs by almost all types of Android smartphones that have the Google App installed on their devices. Like, Vivo Oppo, Samsung, and many others. And you need to know, that the Google App was last updated on June 11, 2021.

Why Google Keeps Quitting

Before listening to the process how to overcome google it keeps stopping. It is better to know in advance some of the reasons why Google keeps stopping on Android. What’s more, if this problem continues to arise and is unreasonable, of course it makes anyone angry. To find out some of the reasons why Google keeps stopping, please refer to the explanation as follows.

Not Update (Updated)

The first problem, which is usually experienced by many Android users, is that Google is not updated. The reason is, a lot of users always ignore these trivial problems, therefore you should update or update the Google App regularly so that you always get the latest updates, and fix bugs that are broken in it.

Full Memory

In addition, a full android device can also affect the occurrence of errors on Google. This is very common and also rarely realized by some users. Full storage makes the smartphone a force close because the RAM is no longer able to accommodate.

The fix, you can delete applications that are no longer in use. And check the applications that have been installed through the settings Then you will be shown several applications that have been installed on your device. Also, check the file manager section to delete photos, videos or documents that are no longer needed.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache on the application is no less important than the previous method. You need to know, if some applications such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others have cache data that is quite large because it is caused by the data of the former photos, or videos that you see. To delete it is very easy, please go to Settings >> Applications >> Cache >> Clear cache data.

Unupdated System

Another cause of the error on google is the device system that has not been updated. In addition to applications, in fact the phone system is also very important for updating. Because updating the system can solve system bugs, update security and make the system even better. Please check the Settings >> About Phone >> System >> Update System.


Android smartphones are very vulnerable to viruses. If the smartphone has been detected by a virus, it can mess up the system on the smartphone. To solve this problem, you can download an antivirus application on the Google Playstore.

In addition, it is important that you do not click on unclear links, access the web carelessly and install illegal applications that are not officially registered on the Playstore.

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How to Fix Google Keeps Stopping on Android

There are two ways that you can try to solve Google keeps stopping on Android. However, first make sure some common causes that you should know. Immediately, please see the explanation as follows.

Auto Update Features

First, you can set the auto update feature to deal with Google constantly stopping on the smartphone you are using. As the name implies, by activating the auto update feature, Google will be updated automatically when an update is available. Then how? Please see below.

  1. First of all, please open google playstore on your smartphone
  2. Next, click the Search field, and type the name Google in that field
  3. After that, you will be redirected to a Google page. Please click menu Settings or the three dots in the upper right corner
  4. You can check Enable auto update
  5. And to disable the method, it’s not much different, please click the checkbox, then Google updates will automatically turn off

And if you have minimal storage space due to too frequent automatic updates in unwanted applications. You can change the automatic update settings in it to Manual update. If you are still confused, please see the following methods.

  1. First, open Google playstore on your smartphone
  2. After that, click the profile icon in the top right corner
  3. After that, please go to Settings >> Network Preferences >> Application Download Preferences
  4. Next, click Always Ask or Ask Me Every Time
  5. If you are using Android 10 and below, please click the three-line menu icon located in the upper left corner and scroll to the bottom and select Settings
  6. Please scroll down again, and select Auto Update Apps
  7. After that, select Dont Auto Update Apps
  8. Finished

Erase All Google Data

The next way, you can also delete all Google data in it to overcome Google continues to stop. Please note, this deletion process will eliminate all historical data, bookmarks, download history and so on. And the account you use will be forced out automatically. Follow the methods below.

  1. First of all, please open Settings on your smartphone
  2. After that, enter the menu Apps & Notifications
  3. If so, please select an option See All Apps so that you can see a list of applications, one of which is Google
  4. Then, please search for the Google application
  5. Next, click on the application
  6. Click Clear All Data
  7. The last step, click OK to confirm deleting google data
  8. Finished

The final word

That’s all this review about How to Overcome Google Keeps Stopping that you can try, find out the causes and how to fix it directly in this article. You can use the easiest method that we have given above. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you so much.