How to Overcome Not Responding Applications on Android Phones Easily!

From time to time there have been many changes in the matter of communication tools, we know that in ancient times communication tools still used correspondence, developed into walkie talkies, then telegrams, landline telephones and finally developed into Android phones. This development did not last for a while because a lot of science was created as a result of the changing times.

We already know that Android phones have been used by almost everyone in the world, even Android phones have become a primary need for almost all people on this earth, apart from being a communication tool, Android phones are also useful as good information filters. Because on Android phones we can access the internet so we can easily receive information that has just happened.

Android phones also from year to year always make an update that will be useful for users who use Android phones. However, with the ease of pressure, Android phones also experience problems, the reason is quite simple because Android phones, even though they are very sophisticated, are imperfect human-made objects.

What is a Not Responding Application?

How to Overcome Not Responding Applications on Android Phones

In the Android cellphone there are lots of applications that we can use as a means to communicate and get information, sometimes the created applications can provide entertainment for us, especially when we are bored.

Indeed, with the advancement of the Android HP industry making application developers continue to develop the applications they have, a powerful way to update an application is to add features that it creates, so that it will make users feel satisfied in using the application.

Applications are also an important component in the running of an Android cellphone, applications must be required to always keep pace with the development of Android phones that continue to be distributed by the factory. Because in principle, the higher the Android specs that are always issued, it is certain that the application must always be updated to add to the features contained in it.

3 Causes of Not Responding Applications on Android Phones

In the development of applications, there are several problems that we usually encounter in using Android phones, these problems are of many types but the application problem that will be described in this article is not responding in the Android application.

Usually this problem most often occurs in applications that we usually install on Android, for reasons that can vary, the following are the reasons why applications on Android may not be responding.

There are so many causes that occur due to the application not responding, these causes are usually experienced from various setting problems on our Android phones, here are the causes of why applications can not occur on our Android.

  1. What usually happens is that we experience an excess of temperature which is usually caused by excessive use, this is also usually referred to as overheating, the symptoms we can usually feel when our Android starts to feel hot and our cellphone starts to run slowly or commonly known as lag. Now when we open the application, it is certain that our application is not responding or cannot be opened.
  2. Then the second cause is that our Android phones are full of applications or memory which will usually be marked with a symbol in the notification, namely the device memory is running low.
  3. For the current cause, it is our HP RAM that does not meet the standards so that large applications will often experience not responding.

That’s the cause of common causes that usually occur with our Android that will directly affect the application, although my cause is common but this article will provide some solutions How to avoid applications not responding.

How to Overcome Not Responding Applications on Android Phones

If our Android often has problems such as applications that do not respond, we need to pay attention to several things so that this problem does not go directly to our Android software or hardware. Usually this problem occurs due to internal or external errors and can slowly damage our Android phone.

To overcome some application problems that do not respond, this article will provide it, I beg the readers to pay more attention to it.

  1. The first thing that must be done is to prevent the application on our Android cellphone from having a not responding problem, namely by cleaning the cache on our Android frequently.
  2. Then the second is to use a memory card or SD card to store some files or videos that can affect the speed and smoothness of applications on our Android.
  3. For those who have a small ram, then do clean some unnecessary applications so that we are not too crowded with many applications.
  4. The last thing is to avoid excessive use in using applications or Android phones, causing our Android phones to overheat.

Those are some solutions that we can follow to prevent our cellphones from experiencing applications that don’t respond, because most of these problems come from internal software problems or external hardware problems on our Android.

The final word

That’s the article that we can convey about how to deal with not responding applications on Android phones, hopefully this article can be useful for all of us in overcoming some of our Android cellphone problems. Wait for our next update for interesting articles from our site