How to Overcome the Zepeto Application Error, Can’t Open or Lag – The way to deal with the Zepeto application that has an error and cannot be opened must be known by its users. Although not ashype At the time of its inaugural launch, there were still quite a lot of Indonesian netizens who used the Zepeto social media application.

For your information, Zepeto is a social media that was a hit during its inaugural launch in 2018. Different from social media in general, Zepeto allows users to create their own animated avatar.

Here, users can edit their avatar’s face, choose the clothes they want, change hairstyles, and so on.

What’s more, this application allows users to take pictures or make videos with other users’ avatars with various variations background which is interesting.

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Actually, there are several reasons why Zepeto can’t be opened or an error. One of them, the server of the social media application made by Snow Corp from South Korea is “not ready” for many user access at one time.

Well, after knowing why Zepeto error, the team Telset this time I will try to give you a way to solve the Zepeto application that is in error.

1. Reinstall the Zepeto Application

how to solve zepeto error

The first, easiest way so that the Zepeto application does not lag or error is to reinstall the application. This method can be the first step you can take if Zepeto can’t be opened.

To do this, press and hold the application in the App Drawer and press the button Uninstall. You can also search for the application via the Google Play Store and press wipe or Uninstall.

If so, press the button again Install to install the Zepeto app on your Android phone.

2. Clear Data

how to solve zepeto error

The next way to solve Zepeto that cannot be opened is to Clear Data/Cache application. This step is also usually done to make lagging applications so that they can be reopened. Because the cache or data could be the reason why Zepeto often goes out by itself.

How, open Settings and select Apps. In the installed or installed apps section, look for Zepeto. In the App Info, Storage Usagethen press Clear Data and Clear Cache.

If so, reopen the application. Zepeto should be able to open the error normally again.

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3. Close All Apps in Recent Apps

how to solve zepeto error

It could be, why the Zepeto application has an error and can’t be opened is because your cellphone’s RAM load is almost maximum. Well, the way to make Zepeto not lag or error, try closing all running applications in Recent Apps.

How to deal with Zepeto which is loading this long, press Recent Apps on your phone. Each smartphone have a different way. Phones with ColorOS for example, just swipe screen up and holding it down to open Recent Apps.

Then, press the button Close All or swipe apps upwards one by one to close them. Then, run the Zepeto app again.

4. Restart Smartphone

Error application cannot be opened

Still error too? Maybe the problem is with your smartphone. How to solve Zepeto that can’t be opened next, just restart or restart smartphone You.

How to overcome Zepeto lag is quite useful for “freeing” the RAM load that occurs. If you have done restartrun your Zepeto application.

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5. Install VPN

The last effective way to solve the Zepeto application that cannot be opened is to install a VPN application. There are many apps that you can choose from, such as Tiger VPN, Browsec, and others.

One of the best VPN apps we recommend is Browsec. Here’s how to solve the Zepeto error with a VPN:

  • Install the application on the Google Play Store.
  • If so, activate the Browsec VPN application.

zepeto can't be opened

  • Next, open the Zepeto app. Automatic, problem stuck on the first and main page, and various other problems will be resolved.

Finished! How, how easy is it to solve the Zepeto application that can’t be opened or has an error? For more tips and tricks, you can read them on the Telset How To channel. Good luck and hopefully useful! (MF)