How to Play the Cat Trap Game, Make Gemes and Greet – An online game called ‘Cat Trap Game’ is going viral here on social media, particularly TikTok and Twitter.

This game looks simple but trickyFor those of you who want to fill your spare time or just get rid of boredom, you can play this game on your browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

As the name suggests, this Cat Trap Game is played by trapping a black cat so it doesn’t escape from the game area with a yellow background.

The trick, you have to block the cat’s path by pressing the black blocks to black. You will win if the cat can’t get out and can’t move anymore.


It sounds easy, but if you keep losing, you’ll be frustrated and keep playing this game.

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Well, you can play this in your browser, be it via a smartphone or laptop or computer.

The trick, open your browser and enter the site or click this link

Next, you will see a light green or yellow game area and a black cat standing in the middle of the game area

Then, all you have to do is press the blocks that the cat might pass to get out of the game area.


If the cat can no longer get out and you manage to trap the cat, then your victory is near.

Keep pressing the blocks so that the cat can no longer move.

Then, done. You won!

If the cat manages to get out, you can continue to try it indefinitely or indefinitely for free.

Good luck, don’t get too excited!

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