How to Play the Shopee Run Game with a Complete Explanation

How to Play the Shopee Run Game with a Complete Explanation

Who likes to play in Shopee Run games? We know that the Shopee application is one of the e-commerce sites that is often used by many people. Not only providing many diverse products and many other interesting promos.

In fact, you can earn money from many methods. For example, joining a Shopee Affiliate, becoming a seller at Shopee or even playing games with prizes. And, one of these games is the game that we will discuss this time.

Shopee Run Game at a Glance

Shopee Run is a new game in the Shopee app. Because it’s still new, the existing level is still minimal. But, don’t worry, you can still get a lot of benefits from the game.

The reason is, this apk will update the game level every Monday to Friday. So, don’t be afraid if you are playing while there are still a few levels available. Actually, this game has a lot of similarities to other games that have been viral for a long time.

One similar game that is indeed similar is subway surf. You already know how the type of game is, right? Where you will run to avoid certain obstacles and collect a lot of in-game prizes.

With that, you can exchange the prizes you get from in-game into free shipping vouchers or into Shopee coins. Interesting right? You just need to have fun (play) and get real rewards from this Oren app.

How to Play Shopee Run and Collect Prizes

Because this is a new game, I think you still don’t understand how to play well, right? If you can collect lots of in-game prizes, then you can exchange them for attractive prizes at Shopee. So, look carefully at how the following, yes!

Before playing, you must also know that there are terms and conditions that apply before playing, namely:

  1. You must register an account at Shopee in order to play the Shopee Run game.
  2. There are several in-game prizes that can be obtained such as: trophies, food, stars, and diamonds.
  3. For novice players, you have to complete a trial level or trial level until you get a diamond prize.
  4. Play and get stars you can use to upgrade boosters in this game.
  5. You will get trophies after unlocking a new city.
  6. Redemption of diamonds is limited or limited so you have to fight and your points must also be high.
  7. Shopee reserves the right to delete player accounts or stop this game (game) at any time.

If you already know the terms and conditions above. So, you also have to know how to play in this game, namely:

  1. Make sure your device has the Shopee app first.
  2. If not then install and create your account.
  3. Then, you can login and in the main menu or Shopee apk homepage select Shopee Coins.
  4. Then find and select Shopee Run.
  5. If you have trouble, you can search in the search field.
  6. Click start to play.
  7. Avoid every obstacle and collect in-game rewards.
  8. Collect as many gifts as possible.
  9. Finished.

If you already know how to play Shopee Run then you can complete level by level so you can crave lots of prizes. Each gift has its own function. You can collect coins or diamonds to get exclusive gifts from Shopee.

There are no specific playing tips and tricks so that you can get lots of prizes indeed. You do have to play often and train the dexterity of your fingers. Hope it is useful.