How to register a Shopee Affiliate without a minimum of the latest 2022 followers

Many people are curious and find out information about the shopee affiliate program which according to information can provide an opportunity for you to earn income by promoting shopee products on social media. As a marketplace that has a very large number of users, Shopee continues to develop various features and services for its users.

The Shopee affiliate program is one of the newest services from Shopee which is currently in great demand by users who want to earn additional income. You need to know, shopee affiliate is a program that can provide additional income for you content creators who are willing to promote shopee products through social media.

Because the job of these Shopee affiliates is to promote products on social media, then of course you have to have enough followers in order to attract more consumers to buy these Shopee products. But, what if our social media doesn’t have enough followers, can we still register for this program? The good news is, you can still register for this shopee affiliate program without a minimum of followers.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to easily register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers. For those of you who are curious and want to start looking for additional sources of income only through social media, let’s just take a look at the full review below!

Shopee Affiliate Program at a Glance

how to register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers

Before discussing how to register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers, it’s a good idea to know the following information to find out more about this one program. Did you know, shopee affiliate is a program held by shopee that offers the opportunity for influencers and content creators to earn additional income.

These content creators are assigned to carry out promotions that offer products sold on shopee in the form of links, through social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. However, it should be underlined that the products that apply to be promoted are specifically for products marked with Shopee Mall, star+ and star.

Everyone can join this shopee affiliate program as long as they meet the terms and conditions set by the shopee. You can see the full terms and conditions of shopee affiliate registration in this edition of the article. Therefore, you must listen to this article to the end so that you understand thoroughly about this shopee program.

Shopee Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions You Should Know!

Before you enroll in the shopee affiliate program, you must understand some of the conditions that you must meet to be part of this one program. Reporting from the site, the following are the terms and conditions of the shopee affiliate program:

  1. Have active social media accounts such as YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook that have original content and are open to the public.
  2. Social media accounts are private property and not social media accounts for shops or sellers.
  3. Social media accounts do not contain elements of SARA, pornography and things that are contrary to the norms and laws in force in Indonesia.
  4. The products being promoted are shopee products marked with Shopee Mall, Shopee Supermarket, Star, and Star+.
  5. Some of the products that are prohibited from being promoted are cigarettes, e-cigarettes, illegal drugs, narcotics, and counterfeit or non-original products.
  6. Commissions will be paid no later than every 2 weeks to shopee affiliates, in this case, shopee has the right to re-content on social media and e-commerce applications.

What are the Shopee Affiliate Program Membership Types?

This shopee affiliate program is divided into 3 types of membership, namely shopee affiliates, Influencers, and partners, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can register based on the category or qualification you have. You need to know, the requirement for registrants for the influencer and partner category is to have a minimum number of followers of 2000 followers/subscribers on one social media account.

Meanwhile, for the regular Shopee Affiliate program, you can do it without a minimum of followers on condition that you have to join a team leader from one of the partners or influencers, the trick is to simply ask for a referral code from them and input it when you register.

Tutorial How to Register Shopee Affiliate Without Minimum Followers

For those of you who want to get additional income by joining this shopee affiliate program, then you can register yourself by following the tutorial that we provide below. For those of you who register for the regular Shopee Affiliate program, make sure you already have a referral code from an influencer or partner for you to input later when registering.

  1. First, open the shopee affiliate registration form site via the registration link that you can click here.
  2. Next, click the login now button and log in using your shopee account, or click register if you don’t have a shopee account yet.
  3. Then, fill out the form in the account information section and click next, then you will be directed to the media information form sheet.
  4. Don’t forget to enter the referral code that you got through the leader influencer or shopee affiliate partner.
  5. Make sure you fill out the form completely and correctly, recheck the form and check the terms and conditions section, then click the submit button.
  6. Your registration will be processed, you can wait within 5 working days and you will get a confirmation via email or Whatsapp.

Therefore, make sure you diligently check your email and make sure your WhatsApp number is active so that you can be contacted by Shopee regarding the acceptance of Shopee Affiliate Program members.

End of Words

So much information about the tutorial on how to register a shopee affiliate without a minimum of followers that you can do easily to get additional income through social media. Hopefully this information can be useful for you and don’t forget to always look forward to other article updates from our site so you don’t miss interesting information that is definitely useful.