How to Register an Agent at Tdomino Boxiangyx Com – Do you know what the Higgs Domino game is? Yes, it’s a game that provides many traditional Indonesian games. Apparently the game can be used to earn income too, you know, one of which is by becoming a player Higgs Dominoes partner tool who is entitled to sell and items, chips and anything else that can be sold.

With a high level of trust that has been pinned on Higgs Domino users, this application can be an alternative to earn online. Especially during the current pandemic, it is not impossible that many people need it and are competing to get the maximum income.

Higgs Domino Island Partner Tool Review

A little was mentioned above, but not all of them, so it’s natural that you are still confused about what Higgs Domino’s partner tool is. It’s simple like this, if you have items, purple chips, gold coins, etc. that you want to officially sell, then you can become a partner tool.

Why should you use partner tools? Can’t we sell chips directly via account transfer? Yes, it is, but it can only be done for chips, the rest can’t, aka the features in this way are incomplete.

You cannot sell ETC items other than the yellow chips used in the game. Therefore, the presence of partner tools is a practical solution that deserves appreciation. Not to mention, the price offered can provide far more benefits, in other words a kind of broker agent.

Terms and Conditions of Becoming a Higgs Domino Partner

Already understand about the brief review above, are you interested in becoming one of the agents? It can be said and also difficult, because there are requirements that must be met to become one of them.

Because the partner tool is an official agent that has been verified and also approved by Higgs Games, then you must meet the following requirements!

1. Higgs Domino’s ID has been verified

The first requirement is a verified account, as stated above. But what are the accounts in question?

  • Account: Anyone can create an account, but not everyone has a verified account. For that you need to verify first.
  • Facebook Connect ID: Not only that, the ID of the account used must also be connected to Facebook. You know, because you will be the official agent of an online game that has been used by more than 10 million users.
  • Fill out the form: Not quite there, you also have to fill out the form provided when you want to become a Higgs Domino partner tool. Forms that must be filled include name, address and active email address. In addition, it is mandatory to enter the mobile number used for initial verification.

2. Higgs Domino Partner Tool Account Upgrade

In addition to the above conditions, you must be a premium or VIP member. This is because if you sell chips, it cannot be done using a standard account.

You can also multiply transactions and raise the VIP level to become a trusted seller. This is important, because most buyers see a history of transactions made.

3. Join a Chip Supplier

The last condition is not the main one, let alone mandatory. This requirement is only an addition, but it is very important to do. Joining a trusted supplier can provide many benefits.

You can ask about the latest prices, both the selling price and the buying price. In addition, you can also ask for tips on how to become a Higgs Domino partner tool. In other words, you have to be “slang” and sociable to increase knowledge about the business at Higgs Dominoes.

How to Register a Partner Tool Agent at Tdomino Boxiangyx Com

One of the official agents that can be used as a reference in terms of Higgs Domino’s partner tools is Don’t hesitate to join them, because there is a place for partners who have been in the Higgs Domino business for a long time.

Say you are currently interested and want to register as an agent immediately, how do you do that? Follow these steps!

  1. open http://tdomino.boxiangyx.comyou can use a PC or cellphone, for sure, use Google chrome for fast access.
  2. Enter an active mobile number.
  3. Click “get“.
  4. You will get an OTP code on the number you entered earlier. Copy the code then return to the boxiangyx site page.
  5. In the column provided, you paste (paste) the OTP code that has been copied then click “login“.

Until here the registration process is complete, you just have to wait until the account is activated.

Advantages of Being a Higgs Domino Partner Tool

What are the benefits of being an official agent of Higgs Domino Island? Of course there are many, if not, why are so many interested, right? Here are some of the benefits you can get!

  • Unlimited chip transactions.
  • Sell ​​any available items.
  • So a promising online business solution.
  • Easy top up without any hassle.


The discussion about Higgs Dominoes partner tool, it’s time for you to decide whether you want to be an official agent, or just a retailer? If you are serious about running a business from Higgs Domino, it’s a good step if you become an official agent.