How to Register Telkomsel Card for Old and New Users

How to Register Telkomsel Card for Old and New Users Header

Gadgetren – The Indonesian government has required you to register for the first time and will use Telkomsel to avoid cases of fraud.

By registering data on the SIM card, the police or the authorities have data on the customer if they commit fraud against others such as promising gifts via WhatsApp, SMS spam, phishing links, and much more.

The mandatory registration policy is also to avoid data misuse. For example, if a bad person uses your phone number to register on a gambling site or online loan, they can immediately complain to the operator or the police.

In addition, registered user data can be used for financial inclusion purposes, distribution of funds, or government assistance and the like. Users who have registered will also be given the convenience of providing services such as online transactions, non-cash transactions, and others.

As a condition to be able to register for a Telkomsel SIM card, you need an ID card (Kartu Identity Card) to get a NIK (Population Identification Number) and a Family Card to get a KK number.

However, it should be noted that the steps for SIM card registration for new users and existing users are different. New users are classified as those who purchased a Telkomsel SIM card after 31 October 2017 while old users are those who have subscribed before the registration regulations were required.

How to Register Telkomsel Card

  1. App access Message or SMS on mobile
  2. For new users, type REGNIK#KK Number#,
    for example REG 1234223434545566#3201300455066602#
  3. For old users, type REPEATNIK#KK Number#,
    for example BACK 1234223434545566#3201300455066602#
  4. send to 4444
  5. Wait until you get a notification

If the data you entered is correct, Telkomsel will send an SMS notification stating that the card has been successfully registered so that you can fully enjoy Telkomsel’s services. However, if you fail, Telkomsel will give you an SMS that you have not successfully registered.

For that, you must first make sure that the 16 digits of the NIK KTP and KK numbers are not wrong or actually registered at the Population and Civil Registration Office in your area. If you cannot register your own data, then you can visit the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI to be assisted by customer service.