How to Remove Background on Android, The Most Practical Trick – Nowadays, many things can be done using just smartphone especially those running on Android OS. From a matter of typing work, drawing, taking pictures, editing photos and other activities, it can already be used on a device that can be operated using one hand.

Talking about editing photos, usually when we want to beautify photos by providing various kinds of filters or other things very well, we usually use applications such as PicsArt or other photo editing applications.

But what if it turns out that our face in the photo is already good because it uses a filter, but there is one thing that is blocking it, namely the background or background image the photo that we edit is not what we want?

The only way is of course deleting background image is that right? Of course, how to remove the background is difficult if you use Android because usually we have to use applications on a PC such as Adobe Photoshop. But this time team will provide an easy way to remove the background on Android.

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Yes, this time we will show you how to delete background image easily use background remover on Android.

In this tutorial on how to remove photo backgrounds, we use the Background Eraser background eraser application. Let’s see how to use the following Background Eraser application:

  • The first thing to do is to install Android background remover app named Background Eraser which is already available on the Google Play Store.
    background eraser
  • If so, run the application then press option Load a photo.
  • How to use Background Eraser next, select the photo you want to remove the background image.
    background eraser

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  • There are three options to choose from: Finish, White Background, Save as JPEG and Change Background, Superimpose. Now for how to remove the photo background in the second option, it means that you can provide background white and save it in JPEG format. While the third option requires you to download another application to replace it background image with another view. We select button Finish.

We’re done with our background eraser tutorial! You have now successfully deleted background image easily using Android. (FHP)