How to remove the Capcut text in the upper right corner of the template so that there is no watermark

How to Remove Capcut Writing in the Upper Right Corner of the Header Template

Gadgetren – As a free video editor application, Capcut has many features that make it easy for users to produce unique and interesting videos.

Capcut itself has been widely used to create videos which are then uploaded to TikTok, Reels, Snackvideo, and others. But sometimes some users after creating and exporting videos from Capcut will find a watermark or Capcut text.

Likewise, when using the template found in the Capcut application, usually videos that have been edited and created will have Capcut written in the upper right corner. For some people, the watermark that is present in the video results will feel annoying so they want to be removed.

Fortunately, you can remove the Capcut text in the top right corner of the template in a fairly easy way.

How to Remove Capcut Writing in the Top Right Corner of the Template

  1. Open the Capcut application on your cellphone
  2. Select menu Templates
  3. Then, select video templates which is desired
  4. After seeing template preview that feels good, click the button Use Templates
  5. Select the video or photo to which the template effect will be applied
  6. Next, press the button Preview
  7. Press the button Export at the top
    Capcut Remove Watermark Template
  8. In the pop-up menu that appears select Export without watermark
  9. Follow the export process to completion
    Capcut Remove Watermark Template part 2

Next, you will automatically be directed directly to the TikTok application and asked to edit the video from the Capcut result. You can also add some filters, decorate with text or emoticons, and adjust the speed of the video as needed.

But if you want to share it to other social networks, then you can press the Back button to return to the Share page in the Capcut application. You can share video results without the Capcut watermark to the Instagram application, Reels Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, and others.

Apart from not having a watermark or Capcut writing in the upper right corner, you can also determine the quality of the Capcut video starting from SD (480p), HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) resolutions to 2K/4K according to taste. But keep in mind that the higher the resolution of the video you create, the larger the file size will be.