How to Restore the Oppo HP Keyboard as It Was

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How to Restore the Oppo HP Keyboard as It Was

Actually, you can do this way to return the Oppo HP keyboard to its original state without having to come to the nearest service.

Because, you only need to know the basic knowledge in fixing common problems on HP Oppo only. And, because this is one of the common problems, this time we will discuss it.

Actually, there are many basic knowledge for smartphone users to know and apply in everyday life. So, how? Is it difficult?

In order to be able to answer all these questions. It would be nice if you read this post to the end, yes.

How to return the OPPO HP keyboard to its original state

Actually, you’re not the first to experience this problem. Similar problems can occur if your Oppo cellphone has a bug, you forget to use certain settings or the cache builds up.

And, the worst thing is a virus or malware problem so that the features on your Oppo cellphone don’t work perfectly.

So, how can you fix this Oppo HP keyboard that suddenly disappeared? Because, if you don’t find a way, then you will have difficulty using this cellphone, right?

Here’s a list of ways you can use this HP keyboard to reappear soon.

1. Default Settings

Most smartphone users often use factory settings or default settings. Because indeed the basic settings are used by every cellphone with any brand, you can definitely use it. The tutorials are:

  1. First of all, you must first open the Settings menu on your Oppo cellphone.
  2. Then, select or look for Additional Settings.
  3. After that, you can select the Keyboard & Input Method menu.
  4. Continue by selecting Current Keyboard.
  5. If a pop up notification appears, then select Default Keyboard.
  6. Finished.

Usually this method will immediately work for all types of HP Oppo. However, you can also try the second method.

2. Use Alternative Keyboard Apps

If the problem of the missing Oppo keyboard is not resolved, then you can use some replacement keyboard apk.

In fact, not a few are available in the official store. If you use this type of alternative keyboard application, there are even many advantages such as unique themes for you to enjoy.

So, how? Follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the Play Store application on your cellphone.
  2. Make sure you are logged into your Google account.
  3. Write the keyboard keyword in the search field.
  4. Then, there will be many keyboard app search results available.
  5. Choose the one that gets the most number of users.
  6. Don’t forget to also check ratings, complaints from users.

Here are some recommendations for alternative keyboard applications that you can try, namely:

  1. Go Keyboard

If you like to tinker with the appearance of the keyboard on your phone. So, you can use this Go Keyboard application.

Where there are many customization options available so that users can maximize the appearance on their cellphones.

In fact, those of you who like to change the type of font can also use a font change service.

Although not all fonts are available (free), there are still many interesting free font options for you to try. How are you interested?

  1. Swift Keyboard Pro

Then, the next option that is no less interesting to try is Swift Keyboard Pro. This is one of the smaller keyboard apps. However, do not underestimate the settings that this application has.

Because, there are many settings that you can use as an alternative to the main keyboard. In fact, there are also many free themes that you can try.

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