How to Speed ​​up Downloads on Telegram on HP and PC

How to Speed ​​up Downloads on Telegram

Telegram does have a lot of interesting media or video files to movies, right? Unfortunately, some people feel that downloading videos on Telegram feels very long or slow.

If you feel the same way then you need a way to speed up downloads on Telegram, which I will discuss today.

Actually, if you know what’s causing your download to take so long then you’ll know how to fix it.

The problem is, not everyone knows and understands what causes their file downloads to take so long on Telegram. Well, without further ado, let’s see the discussion.

Common Causes of Slow Telegram Download

Actually, there are several factors that cause file downloads on your Telegram to be slow. However, if you don’t know it then you won’t find the right solution. Several factors cause Telegram file downloads to take a long time, such as:

  • Using an older or older version of Telegram.
  • You are entering too many groups or being a member of a group.
  • Cache or data in your Telegram application has accumulated.
  • The network you are using is unstable or problematic.

Take a look, is there one of the possibilities above that causes your Telegram file download to be slow.

However, if you have given up looking for the cause and did not get a solution, then read how to speed up the download on Telegram below.

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How to Speed ​​up Downloads on Telegram

Actually, if you read anything the possible cause of your download is slow. You should already know how to deal with it.

Well, you can try some of the following ways if you feel the time you need to download the Telegram file is very long.

Delete Telegram Group

Did you know that finding, following or other people adding you in Telegram groups is very easy?

Well, because of this, sometimes we don’t realize that the number of groups on the Telegram account is very large. Sometimes we don’t really pay attention to the number of groups on our Telegram account, right?

In fact, too many groups on the Telegram account also affect the download speed on your account. So, to make it faster, you have to delete or leave some Telegram groups, right? If so, the download speed will also increase.

Very burdensome cache in your account if you follow too many groups. Especially if the group uploads files very often with large sizes. So, from now on filter the groups you follow and try to do what’s important!

  1. Delete Junk Files

It’s not just a group problem that makes your account slow to download on Telegram. Apparently, piling cache or junk files will also cause the same thing. So, don’t hesitate to periodically clear the cache on your phone and delete Telegram data at the same time.

  1. Use Other Devices

If your phone still can’t speed up downloading Telegram files. So, you can use other devices with a larger capacity such as a PC or laptop. You can download the telegram apk for windows through the official Telegram website.

  1. Additional Apps

If you want an instant method, then you can use additional applications such as a download manager. Similar applications can be found in the Play Store and App Store.

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  1. Apk Updates

Then the recommendation on how to speed up the download on the last Telegram is to check for application updates. Sometimes you often miss it even though the application you are using has expired. So, try to use the latest version to avoid bugs, errors or other problems.