How to Transfer Gopay to the Latest Free Funds 2022 – Currently, there are still a lot of people who are confused about how to transfer Gopay balances to funds. Actually, how to transfer GoPay to this fund is very easy. But for those who don’t know how to transfer Gopay to DANA, they will certainly be confused. Therefore, if you want to know how, read our review to the end.

For those of you who are users of the Gojek application, of course you already know that the Gojek application does not provide payment services directly to other pockets. For this reason, an application called GoPay appeared which was used for virtual payments.

GoPay is of course very much needed by Gojek users, because with the help of GoPay, GoJek users don’t need to bother spending money to ride an online motorcycle taxi. Now, as the main feature of online transactions for the Gojek application, GoPay is very much needed, especially for transactions on several platforms.

Now the interesting thing about GoPay is that it can make online transactions to the Dana application, which is currently very popular. If you run out of funds balance, then you can do the Gopay Transfer Method to DANA in several ways that we have prepared below.

Requirements to be able to make GoPay Transfer transactions to Funds

How to Transfer Gopay to the Latest Free Funds 2022

Before you do the gopay transfer method to funds. Then there are conditions that you must fulfill. For the conditions are not so difficult, you can immediately see below to find out what the conditions are.

1. GoPay Account Must be Upgraded to Plus

Maybe you usually use the GoPay application to make transactions, you don’t have to upgrade to GoPay Plus. However, it is different if you want to transfer GoPay to Dana. The reason is that in order to transfer GoPay to funds, the GoPay application must be upgraded to the Plus version.

To upgrade to gopay plus. Then you have to verify the data first. Although you have to verify data such as entering your ID card and others. Then you don’t have to worry about your data being misused, because security issues are guaranteed.

2. Fund Account Number Must Match

So that the GoPay transfer process to funds does not have any problems or problems. Then you have to make sure that the fund account number you entered is correct.

If the fund account number you entered into the gopay application to make a transaction. Then of course this will cause the balance can not be sent. The most fatal thing is that your balance will go into someone else’s fund account, because it could be that the fund number you entered belongs to someone else.

How to Transfer GoPay to Funds Without Fee

If you have fulfilled the requirements for transferring GoPay to DANA. Then you can just do the gopay transfer method to the funds that we have prepared.

But you need to know that here we will give you 2 ways to do this. So you just have to choose which way you think is easy and simple.

1. How to Transfer GoPay to Funds Through Banks

How to Transfer Gopay to the Latest Free Funds 2022

As we explained above, here we will provide two ways. The first method is GoPay transfer to Fund Via Account. For more details, see below.

  1. The first step you have to do is just open the Gojek application.
  2. If you have opened the Gojek application, then please select the Pay option.
  3. Then proceed with you selecting the option to Bank Account.
  4. Then you just have to choose CIMB Niaga which is the Official Fund Bank.
  5. Next, please just enter the Cimb bank code format + respective fund account number.
  6. If you have done the steps above correctly, then just click Verify.
  7. After that, wait for your fund number to appear, if it appears just click the Continue option.
  8. Then you only need to enter the amount of money to be sent.
  9. Then later you will be asked to enter the PIN, enter the PIN and you are done.

2. How to Transfer GoPay to Funds Via BarCode

How to Transfer Gopay to the Latest Free Funds 2022

The next method is simpler and easier, the article is how to transfer Gopay to this one Fund Via BarCode. If you are curious about the second method, then please follow the complete guide below:

  • First of all you have to prepare a business type Fund and also a code.
  • Then you just select the icon that says Pay.
  • Next, please allow camera access to be able to detect the Dana Barcode icon.
  • After that, if the barcode image of the funds has appeared, then you just have to go to the gallery and select the Barcode.
  • Next, all you have to do is confirm the payment by entering your Gopay account PIN.
  • Finished! The money will go directly to your fund account in a few seconds.

Advantages of Using Gopay to Make Transactions

How to Transfer Gopay to the Latest Free Funds 2022

With you using Gopay as a tool for transactions. Then later you will get a lot of benefits that are certainly very helpful for users.

For the benefits that you can get by using Gopay for transactions, see the following:

1. Has very complete features

By using GoPay as a transaction tool, you will have no trouble. The reason is that GoPay has very complete features in it which will certainly help its users in terms of transactions.

The complete feature we mean is that you as a gopay user will be able to buy food using this gopay. In addition, you will also be able to lend money with the paylater feature, but specifically for GoPay Plus users only.

2. Easy to Use

Gopay is an application that has full features. However, even though the features are very complete, the use of the GoPay application itself is very easy. So even if you are a new user, you will have no trouble using this application.

3. Guaranteed Security

For the Gojek application, this is an official application and has a large company. So for security issues, of course, it is guaranteed. So you don’t have to worry about security when using the Gojek application.

In addition, this Gojek application is an application that has spread to several countries. So of course the owner doesn’t want his name to be bad because security issues are not guaranteed and make users disappointed.

4. Often give discounts or special offers to users

Besides having a lot of features that can help you as a user. This Gojek application often provides discounts or special offers to its users. Of course, this will be able to pamper users, because the discounts provided by this application are also not half-hearted.

Usually this discount or special offer applies when there is a beautiful date. With this special offer, the price will be cheap, whether it’s food or something else.

For those of you who are users of the Gojek application, of course you are very lucky. The reason is that this application is not only popular but also contains various interesting things that you can make friends with. One of them is Gopay Transfer to Free Funds, which we explained above.