How to Transfer Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp With & Without Apps – Surely you don’t know or haven’t even heard of it how to move telegram stickers to whatsapp. In fact, it turns out, there is a way. You can even move it without using an app.

As is known, chat applications are always used by smartphone users. This is evidenced by the increasing number of smartphone users. Then there are chat applications that have many features, such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

These two applications are indeed used by many people. This is because both of them have chat, call, and video call features. Then to make the chat atmosphere more interactive, a sticker appears that can convey your message expression. Even more interesting is that you can transfer stickers from Telegram to the WhatsApp application.

But what is clear, in moving stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp is not easy. You have to do a few things. Thus, stickers can be used on WhatsApp. Curious? Check out a more detailed review below

Popularity of Chat Stickers

When you interact through chat, it definitely feels incomplete if there are no stickers. Because stickers are a feature in a chat application. Then the sticker is an expression of the sender. For example, a happy sticker where the sender is happy, or a crying sticker to express that he is sad.

Then over time, there are currently very unique and cool stickers. It’s only natural that Telegram has stickers that are interesting and different from others. Those of you who use WhatsApp can actually use the Telegram sticker. But how the hell how to move telegram stickers to whatsapphere’s the tutorial:

How to Transfer Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp

As mentioned above, the stickers on Telegram are somewhat different from those on WhatsApp. Therefore, many WhatsApp users want these stickers. Until finally, you can use these stickers on WhatsApp.

Then there are several ways to move the sticker. You just see the tutorial below. Thus, you can use Telegram stickers on WhatsApp. Here are the steps:

Taking Stickers from Telegram

  1. First, open Telegram on your phone,
  2. Then you select the Options menu with the three line symbol at the top right,
  3. Then you select the Settings menu and go to the Chat Settings menu,
  4. Next, you select the Stickers and Masks menu at the bottom,
  5. After that, you click the Options button with the three-dot symbol right on the sticker as you want and you want to move it to WhatsApp,
  6. Then you click the Copy link button with a chain symbol,
  7. Then the link or link of the sticker has been copied,
  8. After the sticker link has been successfully copied, then you download a third-party application called Unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp,
  9. After that, you download the sticker using the application,
  10. Finished.

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Moving Stickers to WhatsApp with Third Apps

  1. First, you download and install the Unofficial Telegram stickers for WhatsApp application on the Google Play Store,
  2. After the application is installed, you open the application,
  3. When on the front page, you select the Add menu with the plus symbol (+),
  4. Then you select the Enter set name menu,
  5. Then you enter the link that was copied earlier and press the OK button,
  6. After that the sticker will appear, you just click the Download button,
  7. You wait until the download process is complete,
  8. Next, you click the ADD button on the approval dialog box to add stickers to WhatsApp,
  9. After that a notification will appear if the sticker has been added,
  10. After the sticker has been successfully added, you can directly open WhatsApp,
  11. You can try using the sticker by sending a message as usual,
  12. Finished.

How to Use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp

If you feel that the method above is still very difficult, you can try the other way. How to move telegram stickers to whatsapp it uses a third party application. The application is called 10 Sticker Packs for WA. The stickers in this application are very limited, just like the name suggests.

But you don’t have to be disappointed. Because the stickers in this application are even more interesting than those from Telegram. So if you are curious, see the steps below:

  1. You download 10 Sticker Packs for WA through the Play Store,
  2. Then you open the 10 Sticker Packs for WA application,
  3. Then you select the sticker according to your wishes,
  4. After that, you click on the Add to WhatsApp button to download the sticker, or click the + sign next to the sticker collection and select Add,
  5. Next, you open a chatroom, then press the smiley icon in the lower left corner,
  6. Then you select the Stickers menu, then you will find the sticker that was downloaded earlier,
  7. Finished.

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The final word

More or less how to move telegram stickers to WhatsApp. It’s a bit complicated, but the stickers on Telegram are cooler and unique than WhatsApp itself. Therefore, you must try it. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck.