How to Turn Off Safe Search in All Types of Latest Computer & Android Browsers This Year

Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about How to turn off Safe Search which we will explain in the article below.

Sometimes we come across some of the most useful Google search results that don’t show up because they were entered in the Safe Search filter or safe search.

Of course this is very annoying in certain circumstances where when you are looking for a tutorial, it is difficult with Safe Search.

If you experience this, then you need to find a way to turn off Safe Search on Google until the search returns.

Currently, Google and many other search engine applications have implemented SafeSearch.

Safe Search is a feature that hides exploratory search results which attempts to make healthy search results on the Internet.

Safe Search doesn’t only apply to browser applications on your computer.

However, mobile browsers have also implemented this Safe Search feature. To know how to turn off Safe Search , refer to the following steps.

How to Turn off Safe Search on Google Chrome

How to turn off Safe Search

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How to turn off Safe Search on Google Chrome PC, follow these steps

  1. Open google chrome

Open the google chrome app installed on your computer, and visit

  • safe search filter settings

Find your Safe Search filter settings and uncheck the Enable SafeSearch column. At the bottom of SafeSearch, click the Use private search results section.

You can immediately practice on your own with the above method using your personal computer.

However, if Safe Search is still active after you change it, you can try using a vpn application that is available in the chrome extension.

Next is how to turn off safe search for those of you who use the browser

How to Turn off Safe Search on Search

Besides Google, you can also turn off the Safe Search feature on Bing com. You can easily turn off Safe Search in this browser.

Use the following method to turn off Safe Search on

  • Open a browser and visit from your Android device or computer.
  • On the Bing start page, click the three outline icon in the right corner.
  • A list of Safe Search will appear.
  • Click the SafeSearch menu.
  • Next, you will see your Safe Search settings in strict mode. Change your Safe Search settings by clicking the Stop” section and clicking “Save.” and done.

You can try browsing with, where you have changed your Safe Search settings.
After changing the settings, of course the search results that appear will be different from the previous ones.

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How to Turn Off Safe Search in Android Browser

Another way you can do if you are using an Android phone is as follows.

  • Open the Google app on your Android smartphone.
  • Click the Other menu by clicking the icon at the bottom right.
  • Then select the Settings menu.
  • After the Settings tab appears, you can choose in the General section.
  • Find and turn off Safe search in this settings menu.
  • Finished

Now try to use it for browsing, whether the results are different. Same with the browser on a PC, if Safe search is still active even though it has been changed, you can use a vpn application

Besides Google, you can also turn off Safe Search in other search engine applications. For example or other browsers that can be accessed via PC or Android.

You can turn off Safe Search by accessing the settings in each search engine application.

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Well, that’s the way how to turn off the safe search feature that is on every browser tool that you can apply to your browser on both a PC and an Android smartphone. Use it wisely..

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