How to Upgrade XL Card to 4G via cellphone without the need to go to the newest XL Center this year

How to Easily Upgrade an XL Card from 3G to 4G without having to go to the XL Center, via HP

Recently, XL said that nowadays it is very easy to upgrade users’ XL cards from 3G to 4G, which does not need to come to the XL Center.

Which, just through your cellphone, you don’t have to worry about configuring the Internet, MMS, or updating different apps on your phone.

For example, you want to update an app, with OTA mechanism you can update by touching the refresh button.

Apart from using it to update your operating system or apps, you can also enjoy OTA to upgrade your SIM card.

This OTA makes it easy for you to upgrade your card without having to visit the XL Center first.

You can lose upgrades that you can do anytime, anywhere without worrying about the data on the old card.

Besides being able to update anywhere, the number you use cannot change either. This method definitely saves your time and energy.

To get a 4G SIM card, you can visit the official port assigned by XL. Or even easier, you can upgrade your XL card by buying a 4G XL starter pack at the nearest counter.

How to Upgrade XL Card with OTA

How to Upgrade XL Card

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It is best if you have saved the number on your SIM card, first call your cell phone. If you don’t know how to back up your Android phone contacts.

In fact, from XL the guarantee data is not lost, but there is nothing wrong if you are vigilant.

What you need to do after getting a 4G XL SIM card is as below.

How to upgrade XL card via OTA/Dial phone:

  1. Open Call Menu

Use your old card to make calls on *123*46#. (If you receive a registration notification, fill in your ID.) Type in number 1 and send to continue.

  1. remove the SIM card

Then remove the old SIM card without turning off the phone.

  1. Insert SIM card

Insert the 4G SIM card you already have, then make another call at *123*46#

  1. Finished

Keep restarting your phone.

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If the phone doesn’t change network automatically, you can manually change the network settings to the XL 4G LTE network.

After turning on, the amount and amount of credit on your old card can be moved to a new XL 4G card.

However, if you can use the method above, you must visit the nearest XL center to upgrade your XL card.

After upgrading your XL card, you can enjoy fast Internet usage up to 150 Mbps, and of course, it all depends on where the user is.

Such as your location, the number of transmitters in an area, the distance of the device to the transmitting antenna, and the number of users in that area.

But with a 4G connection, your internet speed can definitely be better than before.

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That’s how to upgrade an xl card by just calling, you don’t have to bother visiting the xl center and waiting in line just to upgrade your xl card to 4G, good luck.