How to use Mi Drop on a PC computer, here’s the latest complete explanation this year How to Use Mi Drop Is a data transfer feature or application to send or receive data, it can be said to be free, because the device does not require additional devices, for example, the device requires a USB cable.

The benefit of using an application to transfer data is much more practical and easy, because it only uses wifi-based media.

This is different from transferring data via additional media, such as a USB cable, where there may be interference with the cable such as corrosion or cable breakage, thus interfering with data transmission performance.

There are already applications that make it very easy for users to send data through applications such as PC and Android, or send smartphone data to smartphones.

An application that is similar to Mi Drop on Xiaomi is Shareit, when using other applications it is usually disturbed by advertising services so that it annoys users a bit. Using Mi Drop is very easy and smooth.

What is Mi Drop?

How to Use Mi Drop

Mi drop is one of the most interesting applications of the many other interesting features of xiaomi devices, Mi drop can not only run on xiaomi devices.

Mi drop can be installed on other android devices by installing it through the playstore.

Mi Drop features

  • Can transfer various types of files, transfer images, photos, videos, applications and files between devices whenever users need.
  • Transfer data without using mobile data or connecting to a network.
  • Has a very fast data transfer speed.
  • Mi Drop has a very simple and very user-friendly interface, all are categorized by filename to make it easier for users to find and share.
  • Users don’t need to worry, if the data being sent is interrupted suddenly, the user can continue with just one tap without starting from the beginning.
  • Mi Drop is not only used on xiaomi devices, Mi Drop can be used on all android devices, Mi drop can be found in the playstore.

Easy Steps to Use Mi Drop

  • Using Mi Drop is very easy and simple, if the user wants to send data, the user makes sure that the receiving device has turned on the Mi Drop.
  • Step Two, select the file to be sent so that a send button will appear.
  • The third step, click send and select Mi Drop, the Mi Drop application will automatically read the active Mi Drop application around it. The name Mi Drop will appear which will receive the file that the user will send, select one, wait until the process is complete.

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