How to Use the Basic Food Social Assistance Check Application, Really Easy!

JSMedia – Has the social assistance for basic necessities been disbursed? It could be that this question is still heard a lot. The reason is, even though March is nearing the end, there are still people who don’t know about this info. Therefore, let’s find out about the basic food assistance check application.

As you must already know that social assistance is a form of government concern for people’s difficulties. The existence of social assistance (bansos) does target beneficiaries in the form of people who are economically disadvantaged.

Check Now! Your name is included in the social assistance beneficiary

How to Use the Sembako Bansos Check Application

In March, the schedule for non-cash social assistance in the form of basic necessities was liquid. It’s good to know how to quickly check if you are also a beneficiary. If so, of course you need to take it immediately. The reason is, the president has ordered that the aid reaches the beneficiaries before entering Ramadan.

The form of assistance can be in the form of nine basic commodities (sembako), as well as money. Reportedly the nominal of this assistance reached Rp. 200 thousand per month. However, the immediate disbursement of Rp 600,000 for the next two months as well.

Reportedly, the government has provided large amounts of funds for this social assistance. The amount reached Rp 46.12 trillion.

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How to Use the Basic Food Social Assistance Check Application, Really Easy!

How to Use the Sembako Bansos Check Application

Many people want to check whether their names are registered with the beneficiaries of the social assistance. You can also do this in the following ways.

1. How to Use the Sembako Bansos Check Application Through the Website

The first way is to access the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs. You can get a lot of information there. One of them is regarding the beneficiaries of social assistance. Here’s how to check it on the Ministry of Social’s website.

1. Open Your Browser on Smartphone or Laptop

2. Copy Paste the website into the browser on your device.

3. Next, a data column will appear for you to fill in, such as:

  • Name
  • Complete address
  • ID card number

4. Fill in the data correctly. When the data is filled in, enter the captcha verification code. Make sure to pay close attention to this code so you don’t enter it wrong.

5. Then, click on the Search Data button.

6. Then just wait for the search results to come out.

7. If you are one of the beneficiaries, your name will appear in the DTKS column. However, if it is not included, a notification will appear that you are not a beneficiary.

2. How to Use the Sembako Bansos Check Application in the Application

It could be that, when accessing the Ministry of Social Affairs website, you experience difficulties or it is slow to load. This can happen due to the large number of people who access it. Therefore, you can also check through the basic food assistance check application.

To use the application, please follow the steps below.

1. First you download the application in the Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you are using.

2. Next, open the application

3. Click on the Check Bansos menu.

4. Fill in the required data according to the column provided.

5. If it is complete, click the Search Data button

6. Wait until the results appear on the screen.

7. Just like the first method, if you are one of the beneficiaries, it will certainly appear on the list. Otherwise, there will be information about it.

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3. Visit the Social Service Office directly

Furthermore, there are other alternative ways to check whether you are a beneficiary. The trick is to go directly to the Social Service office in the city. Then, you can ask the officer directly about DTKS.

Later, the officer will help check, using your name, address and ID card number. If you are a beneficiary, the officer will definitely inform you.

The final word

Those were the steps on How to Use the Sembako Bansos Check Application and other ways to check. It’s a good idea to check immediately, so that if you are a recipient, you can immediately enjoy the assistance. The reason is, it’s a shame if you miss it, don’t take it.