How to Use the Friend List Feature on Google Maps to Track a Friend’s Location

Friend List feature in Google Maps Header

Gadgetren – Friend List is one of the features of Google Maps that serves to view and add friends from the list to find out where we are in real-time.

Later when you activate the Location Sharing feature, you will find a Friend List containing your friend’s phone contact number. Later if you have one of these contacts, you can send your location with a link via SMS.

When a friend gets a message in the form of the link, the friend will be asked to open the link to get the point of your current location directly or in real-time.

Google Maps will also ask your friends for permission to share the location link with you. After the permission is approved, the location of your friends and you will automatically appear on Google Maps.

If you or a friend are on their way to the destination, Google Maps will automatically show the movement on the map in real-time.

How to Use Friend List on Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps application on your cellphone
  2. Login to Google account
  3. Enter menu Options via icon Google account profile photo at the top right
  4. Select menu Location Sharing
  5. On the menu Share your real-time locationspecify the duration and one of the friends in the menu Friend List
  6. After you select one from the list, it will automatically link will send that person
  7. Press link to be directed directly to Google Maps
  8. Later friends will be asked to share their location
  9. After the request is approved, your location and theme will appear on Google Maps marked with their respective profile photos

For the record, make sure the GPS on the cellphone is active in order to provide an accurate location on Google Maps. Not only via SMS messages, you can also send location links via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, email, and others.

You could say the way Location Sharing works on Google Maps is almost similar to the Share Live Location feature on WhatsApp, where later fellow WhatsApp users can share their location in real-time to know each other’s current position.

You can set the duration of time displayed by the Location Sharing feature on Google Maps from 15 minutes to 12 hours. However, for the Until you turn this off option, you will share the location until it is turned off manually.