How to Use the Terabox App for Android and iPhone

How to Use the Terabox App

Want to get 1TB of free storage space? Here’s how to use the very simple and easy Terabox app for Android and iPhone.

Who doesn’t know about the Terabox application? Though this is a useful application that would be a shame if you missed it. Especially if you don’t know how to use the Terabox application.

Because, it’s a loss if you don’t know or miss the explanation this time. And, if you really don’t know or just heard the name of this application. So, continue to read the following explanation, yes.

Terabox Apk at a Glance

Nowadays, there are many files, both photos and videos that we take using sophisticated devices such as smartphones, right?

Unfortunately, each of these devices certainly has certain limitations or limits. And, if you reach the limit, your device can’t save files anymore or can’t be used.

However, there are many solutions you can use for alternative storage. For example, using social media accounts, right? Unfortunately, it’s a bit tricky and privacy is also questionable.

What if later the account is banned, lost or hacked? Well, of course you will lose all the data files that you copied to your account, right? So, what does that have to do with Terabox Apk?

Terabox is an application that provides services for your alternative file storage. Well, you are certainly not afraid to run out of internal memory again, right? Because with this service you can copy and free up a bit of your memory.

There’s about 1 terabyte of free storage at your disposal! In fact, the development of Terabox services deserves thumbs up. Because, you can move your files at a stable speed.

You can use this service to backup files from both PC and mobile. And, Terabox’s interesting features such as:

  • The free storage feature offered can reach 1,024GB. Become one of the highest free file storage services today.
  • You can use and upload files easily. In fact, even for mobile phone users.
  • You can access files that have been saved only through the preview feature. So you don’t need to download it right away.
  • Can create multiple folders and can share with other users.

With the primacy of the Terabox. Don’t be surprised if it is widely used for cellphone users who mainly use the Mid-Low version. Because, it will be easy to lag if the memory is full.

Tutorial How to Use Terabox

Above, it has been explained what Terabox is and its interesting features. However, do you already know how to use this service?

If not, let’s take a look at the following tutorial:

  1. You must have this application first.
  2. You can type Terabox in the search field either in the App Store or Play Store.
  3. If it is already installed then run or open the application.
  4. Then, you can log in using your Facebook or gmail account details.
  5. Then, on the main page, just click the plus sign and you will be directed to upload files from your device.
  6. Find and select which files you will send to Terabox.
  7. Or, you can choose to enable automatic backup.
  8. If your available free space runs out, then you can buy additional paid space of 2000 GB.
  9. Finished.

That was an explanation of how to use Terabox Apk. How are you guys? Are you having trouble?

If yes, then please discuss in the comments column yes! Mimin will monitor and answer according to my knowledge. Thus our discussion this time, hopefully useful.