How to View History in Incognito Chrome with Extensions – The point of using Chrome Incognito mode is that we don’t leave any “traces” of browsing activity. Whether for security reasons or whatever, this mode is indeed very useful. But the problem is when we want to see the history of the browser in the short term.

One way to view incognito tab history or previous Google Chrome incognito history is to press the button back until we find the site we mean. But that’s a huge waste of time.

The easiest way to view history in other incognito modes is to use an extension Off The Record History. When this extension is active, it will save your history while using incognito mode.

However, when we close the browser, the history will automatically be deleted. You can also manually clear browser history via this extension before you close the browser.

Come on, see how to view the history of incognito tabs or Google Chrome incognito with the following Off the Record History extension!

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How to View History in Incognito

Following how to view history in incognito, splease download it on the Chrome Web Store. Then open Chrome browser and type chrome://extensions and press Enter key.

how to open history in incognito

Accessing it will take us to the extension settings page. Now, scroll down until you find Off The Record History and click the checkbox for Allow in incognito. By clicking the box, a warning will appear that the extension may record history in our browser incognito.

how to open history in incognito

So now open the incognito page and start accessing any site. To view browser history, click on Full history to view it. If you want to manually delete history from an extension, click the trash can icon at the top right of the extension’s drop down page.

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If you want to turn off this extension, go back to chrome://extensions and press the Enter key then uncheck the incognito checkbox. And check again if you want to use it.

That’s how to view history in Incognito on Chrome, so you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to see browsing history that was accidentally closed or want to reopen pages that have been opened.

So, good luck with how to view the incognito history above!