How to View on Repeat Spotify Easily

how to view on repeat spotify — Music has become a part of many people’s lives. Daily activities can be more enjoyable if done while listening to music.

One of the most popular song streaming platforms today is Spotify.

Spotify has a lot of mainstay features, the newest feature offered is the on repeat feature. Have you used spotify’s on repeat feature?

how to see on repeat spotify
how to see on repeat spotify

If not, keep reading to find out how to see on repeat spotify.

What is On Repeat on Spotify?

On repeat is one of the features that you can enjoy in the Spotify application. The Spotify on repeat application is a feature where you can listen to the songs that you play frequently.

Spotify will collect the songs you play frequently. The songs are then collected into a playlist called “on repeat” or “often played”. You can play your favorite song continuously.

Spotify’s on repeat feature is very useful. If you want to listen to your favorite song, then you can immediately enter the on repeat feature. That way, the songs that you play often will be played.

On Repeat Spotify Where?

Where is Spotify’s on repeat feature located? This question is often asked by Spotify users. You may also be confused about the existence of the on repeat feature provided by Spotify.

You can find the on repeat Spotify feature through the Search menu. Apart from going through the Search menu, generally on repeat playlists will also appear on the Home page of your Spotify application. On the Home page, the on repeat feature usually appears in your special section.

How To See On Repeat Spotify

Can’t find Spotify’s on repeat feature? Take it easy, a practical method will share a tutorial on repeat Spotify in detail. By following this tutorial you will definitely be able to see playlists on repeat Spotify.

Here’s how to see frequently played songs on spotify:

  1. Open the Spotify app, make sure you are logged into your Spotify account.
  2. Click the Search menu, type “on repeat”, then tap playlist on repeat or often played.
  3. You can click the Preview button to see your on repeat playlist.
  4. Click the Play button to play your favorite on repeat songs.

That’s how to see on repeat on Spotify. If your Spotify doesn’t have on repeat, then try updating the Spotify app to the latest version. That’s all and hopefully this tutorial on playing on repeat Spotify can be useful for you.