Hundreds of People Call for Impeachment of Peru’s President

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Lima on Sunday (27/3) to support an opposition-backed proposal to impeach Peruvian President Pedro Castillo on corruption charges.

Maria Del Solar, one of the impeachment supporters said, “Every patriot should support the impeachment of the president because this country is in danger in the hands of a man who shows he is not only a liar, but a corrupt person.”

Left-leaning Castillo or his lawyer will need to present his defense on Monday (28/3) before legislators discuss it and vote on his fate.

The government has asked parliament to allow officials from the Organization of American States to attend the vote, the second attempt in three months to remove Castillo.

The opposition-majority parliament filed for impeachment of the president “because of a permanent moral defect,” citing three corruption investigations against him.

Castillo denies all the accusations.

In recent days, Castillo has traveled to provinces where he has greater support, saying Congress has been pushing for impeachment since he took office in July 2021.

Considered the first farmer to become Peru’s president, Castillo came to power last July pledging to stand up for the poor and to improve education, health care and other services. However, he had difficulty gaining the support of several political groups, including those represented in Congress.

Every Peruvian president over the past 36 years has been charged with corruption, with several ending in prison. One person committed suicide before the police could arrest him. [uh/rs]