ID FOOD Has Distributed 8.1 Million Liters Of Cooking Oil

Jakarta, IDN Times – A total of 8.1 million liters of cooking oil have been distributed by PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) Food Enterprise Holding Holding Company or ID FOOD until March 10, 2022. However, ID Food plans to continue distributing cooking oil to all Indonesians.

This is ID FOOD’s strategy to ensure the availability and maintain stability of cooking oil prices in accordance with Minister of Trade Regulation No. 6 of 2022 concerning the Determination of the Highest Retail Price (HET) for Palm Cooking Oil, which has been in effect since February 1, 2022.

ID FOOD’s Commercial Director, Frans M Tambunan, said that his party has been actively distributing cooking oil to a number of points in Indonesia since January 2022.

“Until March 10, 2022, ID FOOD has distributed 8.1 million liters of cooking oil, consisting of 6.4 million liters of bulk cooking oil, 1.6 million liters of packaged cooking oil, and 27 thousand liters of jerrycan cooking oil,” he said. Frans, in the official statement received IDN TimesFriday (11/3/2022).

1. ID FOOD distributes cooking oil to 402 points

Maintain Supply, ID FOOD Has Distributed 8.1 Million Liters Of Cooking OilWorkers pack bulk cooking oil at the Subuh Market, Ciamis Regency, West Java, Wednesday (5/1/2022). (ANTARA PHOTO/Adeng Bustomi)

A total of 8.1 million liters of cooking oil were distributed by ID Food to 402 points spread across 16 provinces in Indonesia.

The 16 provinces include Aceh, Lampung, Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, West Papua, Riau, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Bali, North Sulawesi and Yogyakarta. .

Frans emphasized that ID FOOD will continue to distribute cooking oil to markets throughout Indonesia.

“As cooking oil prices continue to fluctuate, ID FOOD will continue to carry out cooking oil distribution activities to people’s markets by relying on ID FOOD Group’s trade and logistics branches spread throughout Indonesia,” he said.

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2. Distribution of ID FOOD cooking oil directly to the market

Maintain Supply, ID FOOD Has Distributed 8.1 Million Liters Of Cooking Oilcooking oil illustration (ANTARA FOTO/Kornelis Kaha)

ID FOOD utilizes PT Indonesia Trading Company (PPI) and PT Rajawali Nusindo as spearheads in the distribution of cooking oil to traders and consumers.

In addition, Frans said that the distribution was carried out by ID FOOD by sending a fleet of cooking oil tanker trucks directly to traditional markets.

This, continued Frans, ID FOOD was carried out to ensure cooking oil was distributed to the right party or in this case traders and end consumers.

“One of the things that concerns us is ensuring that cooking oil is distributed to the right parties, one of which is by going directly to traditional markets and limiting the number of purchases,” he said.

3. The ID FOOD method ensures smooth distribution of cooking oil

Maintain Supply, ID FOOD Has Distributed 8.1 Million Liters Of Cooking OilIllustration of the availability of cooking oil according to HET (IDN Times/Vadhia Lidyana)

Frans added, to ensure that the distribution runs smoothly and on target, various mitigation and preparation steps have been carried out by ID FOOD.

One of them is collaborating by cooperating with various parties from start to finish suppliersbusiness actors, market managers, and local security authorities.

“Good collaboration with relevant agencies and institutions as well as various business actors ranging from private sector and MSMEs are the key to smoothing the distribution flow so as to overcome the scarcity and high price of cooking oil,” said Frans.

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