I’ll be ‘Lucky’ to Against Trump in the Next Election

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would be happy if his opponent in the 2024 election was Donald Trump. If that happens, it will be a repeat of the battle that took place in the 2020 election.

In “the next election, I will be very lucky if I face the same people who are against me,” Biden told reporters while attending the NATO and G7 summit in Brussels.

Biden has rarely spoken about his prospects for a second term and there has been speculation that he may not run for re-election. He will be 81 at election time and 86 at the end of his presidency, if re-elected.

However, when asked at a press briefing about the prospect that someone like Trump could replace him in two years, Biden indicated that this was the scenario that motivated him to stay in office.

Trump, who lost the 2020 election after serving only one term, has campaigned on claims he won the election and has made no secret that he wants to return to the White House.

Biden was referring to the January 6 riots perpetrated by Trump supporters in which they stormed the Capitol after Trump told them there was electoral fraud already underway.

Polls show that Biden is in a weak position as decades of record inflation have dented confidence in his performance. Moreover, his promise to cure America’s severe political polarization was deemed a failure.

Democrats now face an uphill battle to retain control of Congress in November’s midterm elections. [lt/ka]