In addition to medical treatment, this fruit can prevent cancer and slow tumor growth! – Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. This condition can be treated with proper medical treatment.

However, consumption of plant foods is known to help fight cancer cells. Several studies have also reported the beneficial effects of pears against various types of cancer.

Research shows that pears contain strength-boosting compounds that can play a role in warding off deadly cancers.

Nutritionists say pears have many beneficial plant compounds, such as catechins.

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This powerful antioxidant can help lower blood pressure, improve blood vessel health and prevent blood clots.

But quoted from express, Research shows that pears can also protect against colorectal and lung cancer.

In 2007, a study of more than 478,000 people showed that a higher intake of apples and pears was associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer.

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“The risk of developing cancer was decreased with higher consumption of apples and pears as well as root vegetables,” said the researchers at the International Journal of Cancer.

The results of this evaluation add to the evidence of a significant inverse relationship between vegetable consumption and lung cancer risk in smokers.

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This protective effect is also attributed to the antioxidant anthocyanins, which are known to inhibit tumor formation and growth.

It is also very beneficial for colon health. Because, studies have shown that this compound is very effective in slowing the growth of cancer cells in the digestive tract.

What’s more, the vitamin C in the fruit fights free radicals that put cells under oxidative stress and pave the way to chronic disease.

Leading nutritionist Rob Hobson, in partnership with British Apples and Pears, points out other health benefits of pears.

He explained that pears provide enough fiber and other important nutrients to support high cholesterol and heart disease.

“Pears are a delicious and healthy snack. In fact, there are many ways to eat them,” says Rob Hobson.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that pears are beneficial for men’s overall health, whether it’s for weight loss, fiber intake or cholesterol.