Including Leclerc, These 5 F1 Drivers Are From Monaco

Monaco is a small country in Europe that borders France. Monaco itself has hosted Formula 1 since its inaugural edition in the 1950 season.

Until now, the Monaco GP is one of the most prestigious series for racers. Monaco in Formula 1 this season is represented by Charles Leclerc who defends Ferrari.

He is predicted to be the future champion for the Prancing Horse team. Including Leclerc, here are five Formula 1 drivers from Monaco.

1. Louis Chiron

Including Charles Leclerc, These 5 Formula 1 Drivers Are From MonacoLouis Chiron (

Prior to competing in Formula 1, Louis Chiron already had a lot of experience in car racing. He also then followed the inaugural season of Formula 1 in 1950 by defending Maserati.

His debut season was quite brilliant when he grabbed the third podium at the Monaco GP which was his home race. However, that was the last time Chiron won podiums and points in Formula 1.

Chiron holds a record that looks like it will be very difficult to break by any racer. Namely as the oldest racer to ever race in Formula 1, to be precise at the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix. At that time, he was already 55 years and 292 days old.

2. Andre Testut

Including Charles Leclerc, These 5 Formula 1 Drivers Are From MonacoAndre Testut (

Andre Testut started his work in Formula 1 at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. At that time, he created his own team with an engine and chassis from Maserati. Unfortunately, Testut failed to qualify.

A season later he tried his luck again. Again, Testut was unable to bring his car through the qualifying session. It was also his second and final race in Formula 1.

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3. Olivier Beretta

Including Charles Leclerc, These 5 Formula 1 Drivers Are From MonacoOlivier Beretta (

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After Andre Testut, Monaco did not have a representative in Formula 1. It was only in the 1994 season that they had Olivier Beretta who became the pilot of Larousse. Larousse himself at that time was one of the bottom teams.

Appearing ten times for Larousse, Beretta was not even able to gain points. His best achievement is only finishing seventh in the German GP. He even had to be willing to be fired when he was unable to bring in a sponsor to fund the French team for the rest of the season.

4. Robert Doornbos

Including Charles Leclerc, These 5 Formula 1 Drivers Are From MonacoRobert Doornbos (

Robert Doornbos is a man born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. However, in the 2005 season he raced in Formula 1 using the Monaco flag. Doornbos started his career as test driver for Jordan in the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

In mid-2005, Minardi gave him a seat to race in place of Patrick Friesacher. Eight times the race, his best achievement is only ranked 13th in the Turkish and Belgian GPs.

In 2006, Minardi was taken over by Red Bull who later became sister team named Toro Rosso. This made Doornbos lose his seat and just become test driver for Red Bull.

Blessings came for Doornbos when Christian Client was sacked by Red Bull. Doornbos also replaced him in the remaining three races. However, at that time he chose to use the Dutch flag instead of Monaco. It was also the last time Doornbos raced in Formula 1.

5. Charles Leclerc

Including Charles Leclerc, These 5 Formula 1 Drivers Are From MonacoCharles Leclerc (

Charles Leclerc is arguably the most successful racer from Monaco. He was the 2017 Formula 2 world champion who then moved up to Formula 1 one season later with Alfa Romeo.

His solid appearance made Ferrari then sign him in 2019 to replace Kimi Raikkonen. In his first season he immediately won two victories in the Belgian and Italian GPs.

In the 2022 season he returned to being a mainstay of Ferrari to become world champion. With the new car regulations, there are quite a lot of changes. It made many who favored Leclerc to win the world title.

The five drivers from Monaco have their own stories in Formula 1. Given his current form, will Charles Leclerc become the first world champion from Monaco?

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