Independent Covid-19 Swab Test Kit Increases Injury Risk – The US Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) notes that many people inadvertently injure themselves while doing self-testing for COVID-19 at home.

The situation that is often encountered is that they put the liquid test solution into the eye incorrectly, report Live Science.

According to the FDA, the solution in the self-administered Covid-19 swab test can cause damage if it touches the skin or eyes, or is ingested, because it contains the chemical sodium azide.

In addition, it is important to keep the test kit out of the reach of children and pets.

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Illustration of a swab test.  (Doc: Elements Envanto)
Illustration of a swab test. (Doc: Elements Envanto)

There are several reports of injuries received by the FDA as a result of the use of self-administered Covid-19 swab test kits, namely:

  • People accidentally put the solution into their eyes because they mistake a small bottle of Covid-19 test fluid for eye drops.
  • Injuries caused by people inserting a swab into the liquid before wiping the nose. In fact, the liquid should not touch the body.
  • Children are injured when they put test kits in their mouths and swallow liquid solutions.

In fact, doing a self-administered Covid-19 swab test can make it safe if people follow the suggested instructions.

If you are injured or if you experience skin or eye irritation after exposure to chemicals, contact your doctor immediately.