India Creates First Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine, Here’s the Advantage! – Currently, India has approved 9 Covid-19 vaccines, which include the Indian Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, and the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

Now in the midst of the spread of the Omicron variant, India will make its own Covid-19 mRNA vaccine. The mRNA vaccine is believed by scientists to be effective against the Omicron variant.

The Covid-19 mRNA vaccine also aims to trigger an immune response by activating cells to fight off the deadly pathogen.

Previous Covid-19 vaccines used an attenuated or attenuated virus to activate the immune system, while ensuring the virus did not replicate.

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In the case of Messenger Ribonucleic Acid or mRNA-based vaccines, cells are instructed to make a protein or a piece of coronavirus spike protein that generates an immune response in the body.

Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 Virus.  (Pixabay)
Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 Virus. (Pixabay)

Active immune cells identify this spike protein and in turn create the antibodies needed to fight the deadly SARs-CoV-2 virus.

It is said that it was quoted from Times of IndiamRNA technology uses a piece of DNA to be converted into RNA for cells to produce spike proteins.

The country’s first homegrown mRNA vaccine is being developed by Pune-based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals.

As of now, phase 2/3 of the human trial has been completed and the company is in the process of submitting data to national regulatory authorities.

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Previously, Dr Singh revealed that this mRNA vaccine uses a compound of lipids and enzymes that allows the vaccine to be stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Most of the materials for vaccine manufacture also depend on imports. In addition, officials stated that India’s mRNA vaccine would be cheaper than other mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

However, this Indian-made mRNA vaccine may be more expensive than Covishield or Covaxin vaccines.

Unlike mRNA vaccines, Serum Institutes Covishield uses a viral vector platform. He used chimpanzee adenovirus (ChAdOx1), a type of common cold virus that attaches to cells and injects DNA that tells cells to make coronavirus spike proteins.

After the production of the spike protein, the immune system detects this invader and creates antibodies.