Indihome FUP 2021 Limit & How to Check Indihome FUP – You must have just found out that even though it is unlimited, it turns out that Indihome has a FUP limit. Then if Indihome FUP Limit has exceeded the limit, will make the internet speed decrease.

As is known, FUP itself stands for Fair Usage Policy. That is, a reasonable internet quota usage policy. Usually, FUP is found on unlimited packages. Then the limit is actually a quota, if it exceeds the limit then the internet speed will decrease. Users can still use the internet, but the speed is slow.

The FUP limit itself also has rules. If the policy exceeds the limit, then the internet decreases. But you don’t have to worry, because the internet can still be used even if the speed decreases. This is because Telkom gives 2 FUP limits in stages. At the first FUP the speed becomes 75% of the original. Then the second FUP, the speed becomes 40%.

You must be curious about the limit. Therefore, you can read about FUP further and in detail below.

How to Check IndiHome FUP Via HP

Before knowing about Indihome FUP Limit, you should know in advance how to check it. You can check it yourself using the MyIndiHome application. You can download the application via the Google Play Store. Here’s the tutorial:

  1. First, you download the myIndiHome application from the Google Play Store or from the App Store,
  2. Then you register first if you don’t have a myIndiHome account, just click the Register button,
  3. After having an account, you can login using a new account by clicking the Login button,
  4. Then it will enter the OTP verification, you can enter the cellphone number that you registered when registering,
  5. Next, you wait a few moments for SMS OTP and enter the OTP verification code,
  6. Then, you will enter the myIndiHome account home page,
  7. Then you click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the Internet box,
  8. You can select View Usage. Automatically, your Internet Usage will appear from the 1st to the present. After that, you match it with the FUP limit information mentioned below. Thus, you can determine whether your internet has exceeded FUP or not,
  9. Then, you just click the cross button to close the Internet Usage information,
  10. Finished.

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How to Check IndiHome Quota or FUP Through the Official Website

  1. First, you open the official IndiHome website at the address,
  2. Then you can register or create a new account if you don’t have a myIndiHome account. The trick is to click Register Account, after that you follow the registration process to completion,
  3. Then you login to myIndiHome by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner with the account you just created,
  4. After that, you enter your cellphone number or email and click Login,
  5. Next, you enter the OTP code sent to your cellphone number, you will automatically login immediately,
  6. Then you click on View Details, which is to the right of the Service box,
  7. Then you press View Usage in the Internet section. Automatically, IndiHome usage will appear during this month. In addition, on this page there is also information about the FUP limit on your internet package.
  8. Finished.

If you are lazy to download the IndiHome application through your device, there is another easy way. You can access it by using the official website. That way, you can know about the FUP you are using, whether it has exceeded the limit or not. Here’s how to check through the official IndiHome website, including:

IndiHome 2021 FUP Limit

Once you know how to check Indihome FUP Limit, then you should know about the plans and their limits. Because by knowing it, then you can predict internet usage. In addition, by checking the limit, you can find out your package and the rest.

For those of you who have not reached the limit of the FUP, then you should know it. Because that way, you can be more thorough and at the same time predict. The following is the FUP limit of the IndiHome internet package, including the following:

IndiHome PackagesFUP Limit 1FUP1 . speedFUP limit 2FUP2 . speed
10Mbps Internet300GB7.5 Mbps (75%)400GB4 Mbps (40%)
Internet 20Mbps500GB15 Mbps (75%)800GB8 Mbps (40%)
Internet 30Mbps700GB22.5 Mbps (75%)1200GB12 Mbps (40%)
40Mbps Internet900GB30 Mbps (75%)1600GB16 Mbps (40%)
50Mbps Internet1200GB37.5 Mbps (75%)2000GB20 Mbps (40%)
100Mbps Internet2000GB50 Mbps (50%)

The final word

How, it’s easy isn’t it to know Indihome FUP Limit as well as the limits of each package. So you can predict your IndoHome quota and not make your internet speed decrease. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck.