Indonesian Racers Long Road Towards MotoGP

Jakarta, IDN Times – Indonesia is one of the countries with the most MotoGP fans in the world. The enthusiasm of the public in watching the most prestigious motorcycle racing event is quite large. Unfortunately, there is one thing that is less than this euphoria.

Until now, no Indonesian racer has felt the atmosphere of MotoGP. At best, Indonesian racers only feel the atmosphere of Moto2, Moto3, up to the 125cc class. This has become a special concern for Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team.

1. Motorsports development in Indonesia is still lacking

Indonesian Racers Long Road Towards MotoGPMotoGP race illustration (

The President Director of Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team, Kemal Nasution, said that motorsports development in Indonesia is still not representative enough. According to him, motorcycle racing academies in Indonesia are not as good as in Europe.

“Because coaching has not started, so for the last 25 years, there have been no Indonesian riders in MotoGP. If we study the motorcycle academies in Europe, it is very different from in Indonesia,” said Kemal at the Mandalika GP Hub, Thursday (10/3/2022).

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2. Indonesia still focuses on motorcycles

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Indonesian Racers Long Road Towards MotoGPDarryn Binder during the official MotoGP test session at the Jerez Circuit. (

According to Kemal, development in Indonesia is still based on a motorcycle. However, he believes that such coaching will not lead Indonesia to MotoGP. From an early age, Indonesian racers should be directed to the Mini GP.

“Therefore, we have to start building an academy, and the academy must be right and lead to the Mini GP. If we use a motorcycle, we cannot enter world class,” said Kemal.

3. The Mandalika Circuit must be a place for coaching

Indonesian Racers Long Road Towards MotoGPThe Mandalika Circuit begins to be dismantled at T16.5 to T17 IDN Times/Ahmad Viqi

Now, Indonesia has a representative circuit to hold an international motor racing event, called the Mandalika Circuit. Kemal said this circuit must be used properly for coaching.

With the promising MotoGP industry in Indonesia, Kemal admitted that the development of this model should start in the near future. The existence of the Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team is also expected to trigger the younger generation in Indonesia to become international level racers.

“Now there is a good circuit in Mandalika, it is a pity if it is not used for coaching. Especially now that there are many MotoGP enthusiasts in Indonesia, even the industry is also large. Why don’t we prepare for coaching from now on?” said Kemal.

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