Indonesian Woman Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022

As a form of appreciation for the role of all women in Southeast Asia in the digital economy, Lazada held the second Lazada Forward Women Award 2022 (LFWA 2022). This event was held to coincide with International Women’s Day, namely on Tuesday (8/3/2022) online.

LFWA 2022 recognizes successful women entrepreneurs who contribute to the economy, the surrounding community, and become a pillar of the family through eCommerce. Of the total 18 female entrepreneurs who were awarded seven award categories, three of them were successful women from Indonesia.

Who are they? So, instead of being curious, let’s see the full review below.

1. This year, Lazada distributed seven award categories

Indonesian Woman Who Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022. March 8, 2022. (doc. Lazada)

Raymond Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Lazada Group said that the achievement of female sellers in Southeast Asia’s digital commerce ecosystem is extraordinary. For this reason, this year Lazada distributed seven categories of awards to them for creating a diverse and inclusive world.

“Three award categories, namely Creative, Enterprising, and Inspiring, are back, plus a number of categories such as Rising Star, Bricks to Clicks Tech Adopter, Social Star, as well as the most prestigious main category, Lazada Forward Woman of the Year Award. This main award category achieved by six sellers from each Lazada operational area,” he explained.

2. The winner from Indonesia

Indonesian Woman Who Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022. March 8, 2022. (doc. Lazada)

The winner of the highest award for Indonesia is Farica Edgina Yosafat as the winner of Lazada Forward Woman of the Year (Indonesia). Meanwhile, Nadya Amatullah received the Enterprising Award and Malida Puji Ayu Lestari was also selected as the runner-up for the Rising Star Award.

In the winning video that was shown, Farica said that although many underestimate women, women are actually strong and adaptable. Therefore, he also conveys a message so that women are more confident and focus on achieving what they want to achieve.

“Many underestimate women, but actually women are strong and adaptable. Doing business alone not only makes me more independent, but also allows me to empower those around me. For women out there, be confident and focus on what you want to go,” he said.

3. Farica Edgina Jehoshaphat, owner of the Berry Baby shop

Indonesian Woman Who Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022Farica Edgina Yosafat, winner of Lazada Forward Woman of The Year (ID). March 8, 2022. (doc. Lazada)

Holding a Master of Science (Msc.) degree, Farica was a lecturer in Physics before becoming an entrepreneur. In 2017, she launched the Berry Baby store on Lazada, selling more than 800 mother and child products, from clothing to toys, personal hygiene needs, baby supplements and household goods.

To empower more women in her community, she also recruited Berry Baby’s first six full-time employees from Farica’s hometown, Bandung. Farica trained them firsthand in eCommerce, from product logging to marketing and data analysis until now they have understood how it can help run a business.

This 36-year-old woman is also the City Leader of the Lazada Club seller community in Bandung. Apart from holding various events, seminars and sharing sessions to enrich new sellers on Lazada, he is also constantly looking for ways to motivate his fellow sellers to keep learning insights and trends related to eCommerce and business.

For Farica, eCommerce provides a great opportunity for women to show their intelligence and creativity. Ecommerce also empowers women with income and personal satisfaction. His advice for women who are new or who are already in eCommerce, stay confident and never say no.

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4. Nadya Amatullah, owner of the Nadjani brand

Indonesian Woman Who Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022Nadya Amatullah, winner of the Entreprising Award. March 8, 2022. (doc. Lazada)

Nadya graduated with a degree in communications, but chose to follow her heart to explore the world fashion by starting to work in the retail industry fashion in 2003. Five years later, he developed the label fashion inspired by nature, named Nadjani, and started selling her clothing products on Lazada in 2020.

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Initially, Nadya developed and ran brand from home, by employing housewives in the vicinity to provide job opportunities in their community. Now, he leads a team of more than 40 people in Bandung.

While Nadya continues to develop Nadjani, she also desires to create a greater positive impact on her ecosystem. He mainly does this to build and grow a community of sellers and also to create a livelihood for the local community.

5. Complete list of Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022 recipients

Indonesian Woman Who Wins Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022. March 8, 2022. (doc. Lazada)

These award categories prove the resilience and unyielding attitude of women entrepreneurs in pursuing and achieving their goals as entrepreneurs. In addition to achieving economic success, a number of these women entrepreneurs have also become role models, as well as contributing and creating positive impacts for the local community.

The following is the list of recipients of the Lazada Forward Women Awards 2022:

Lazada Forward Woman of the Year Award Winner Category

  • Farica Edgina Yosafat, Berry Baby (Indonesia)
  • Kong Wai Theng, Big Care Mart (Malaysia)
  • Monalisa Gao, Lucky HR (Philippines)
  • Liang Wee Ling, 8miles (Singapore)
  • Pattiya Thanasrivanitchai, Happi Cup (Thailand)
  • oàn Trần Thùy Linh, Light Coffee (Vietnam)

Rising Star Awards:

  • Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh, 1994food – Vietnamese
  • Malida Puji Ayu Lestari (2nd place) Synthesis Furniture, Indonesia

Bricks to Clicks Tech Adopter Award:

  • Elyse Janina P. Juan, Papemelroti – Philippines
  • Pang Jie Hui (2nd place), Healthy Baker – Malaysia

Creative Award

  • Nurul Izzan Zamzuri, Niz Craft – Malaysia
  • Puthitorn Auethawornpipat (2nd place), Kiki shoes online – Thailand

Enterprising Award

  • Nadya Amatullah, Nadjani – Indonesia
  • Kelly Chan Jun Wen (2nd place), Spreesuki – Singapore

Inspiring Award

  • Pauline Ng, Porcelain – Singapore
  • Evan Marie Maderazo (2nd place), Sundals – Philippines

Social Star Award

  • Manassawee Suangkaew, Loonnystore – Thailand
  • Lưu Thị Thùy Dương (2nd place), Momo Mart – Vietnam

That’s the description of the Lazada Forward Women Award 2022 along with the profiles of the winners from Indonesia. From the many female figures that exist, it is very proud that Indonesians can be included in the nominations and won several categories.

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