Indonesians are getting more curious about electric cars – Looks like Indonesians are getting more curious Here with environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric cars.

The reason is, from the Google Year in Search 2021 report, the Indonesian people show growing interest, curiosity, and awareness about environmentally friendly vehicles.

Searches for “electric car” on Google grew by 54 percent, surpassing the increase in the previous year of only 33 percent.

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“Indonesian drivers are also interested in seeking information about their impact on the environment, with search interest for “car emissions” growing by 85 percent,” reports Google.

Hyundai Indonesia, which wants to be top-of-mind in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, launched its Search campaign for battery-powered electric vehicles.

This campaign succeeded in increasing Search coverage for the electric vehicle category from 10 percent to 50 percent within 30 days.

In addition, in other automotive sectors, Indonesians also continue to search for motorcycles with an increase in searches for chopper motorcycles by 112 percent, family motorcycles by 32 percent, and touring motorcycles by 21 percent.

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Travel options for staycation and traveling with friends and family has also increased. Sunmori Search or sunday morning ride increased by 88 percent.

From a Google report, search interest for “all-train vehicle” also increased by 40 percent as well as search interest for “open-top cars” which doubled because they wanted to feel more luxurious.

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