Infected with the Covid-19 Corona Virus, This Boy Died Immediately After 3 Days! – An 8-year-old boy died 3 days after testing positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. The family of the boy named Jasper Cook also admitted that they were quite shocked by his death, because there were no warning signs that he was seriously ill due to the Covid-19 corona virus.

Previously, he started complaining of not feeling well after coming home from school and before his condition worsened in a short time. Then, Jasper also tested positive for the Covid-19 corona virus the next day.

His mother, Kim said Jasper looked only slightly sick for a few days. However, Jasper started having difficulty breathing around the 3rd day

Her parents panicked and scared, so they immediately took her home. Unfortunately, Jasper died first even though the medical team at Bradford Royal Infirmary had tried their best.

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According to Kim, his son’s death from the Covid-19 coronavirus was very sudden and without warning signs.

Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus.  (Doc. Envato)
Illustration of the Corona Covid-19 virus. (Doc. Envato)

“There are no signs that anything dangerous will happen. So, this incident took us by surprise,” Kim said, quoted from The Sun.

Now, Jasper’s family can only try to accept it while waiting for the results of Jasper’s coroner’s report in the hope of finding the cause of death.

Prior to this, many studies have shown that children are at a lower risk of developing serious COVID-19 infections.

Only a small number of children may develop severe disease when infected. It is also estimated that more than 85 percent of children aged 5 to 11 years have been infected with the corona virus, so they have immunity.

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