Instagram Video Download Site

Want to download videos on Instagram without an application? You can do this by using the Instagram video download site which will be discussed in this article.

By using this site, you no longer need to download third-party applications on your cellphone. Armed with a browser application, the process of downloading Instagram videos can already be done.

So for those of you whose cellphone memory likes to be full, using the IG video download site is the right choice.

In addition to mobile phones, the site can be used on PCs/laptops for free and easily. There are many Instagram video download websites available.

You are free to choose which one, and this time HALLO GSM has prepared a recommendation. Each site has its own advantages, so you must listen to this article to the end!

Instagram Video Download Site

Instagram itself does not provide a feature to download videos directly from the application, but you can use the sites below to download them.


First, you can use a site called Savefrom. Through this site, users can download videos on Instagram for free and easily.

To download videos from Instagram with Savefrom, you just have to copy the link to the Instagram video that will be downloaded.

Then, paste it on this site and the download process can be done quickly as long as the internet connection is smooth.

Apart from Instagram, Savefrom also provides video download facilities for a number of other social media, such as YouTube and Facebook.

igram – Video Download Site from Instagram

This one site is also no less interesting to use to download Instagram videos. The reason is, this site called igram has a user-friendly display and colorful design.

Its use is also very easy, namely by copying and pasting the URL of the Instagram video that will be downloaded.

Besides videos, this site can also be used to download photos, albums, reels, and IGTV. Very complete, right?

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Next you can use a site called Downloadgram. As the name implies, this site can download all content on Instagram, be it videos, photos, reels, to stories.

So with just one site you can download various things on Instagram for free.

Downloadgram has a simple interface, so users both HP and PC are very comfortable using it.

SnapInsta – Video Download Site on Instagram

Not much different from previous sites, SnapInsta also has the same function, which is to download videos from Instagram.

How to use this site is also very easy, you just need to copy and paste the Instagram link method.

Later Instagram videos that have been successfully stored on your cellphone or PC can be watched offline anytime and anywhere. The video quality is as good as the original.


In addition to videos, ForHub also has the ability to save photos from Instagram with the best quality.

For how to use it is not much different from some of the applications that have been discussed earlier.

Namely the Instagram video URL copy-paste method. To get a good quality video, you have to click the button with HD quality.


As the name suggests, InstaSave is a site for downloading Instagram videos. For those of you who are lazy to install third-party applications, you can really use here and there.

Besides being easy and free, your phone storage will not be full. It’s just that because the process is done online, make sure the device you are using is connected to the internet.


DreDown is a reliable site for downloading videos from various social media platforms.

So with only one site, you can choose which platform you want to download videos from, it can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, vimeo, etc.

Interested in using DreDown? If so, go directly to the site to start downloading the video from Instagram that you want.


Some of the Instagram video download sites above are still not enough? If so, please try the next site called W3Toys.

Although not a site with a cool appearance, W3Toys 100% works for downloading videos from Instagram in HD quality. Not only that, the process is easy, free, and unconditional.


Want a site that is simple and easy to use? InstaFinsta can be the right choice for you to use right now.

With this site, users can download photos, videos, reels, stories, highlights, and profile photos from Instagram.

The main feature of this site is a free, fast and secure tool for downloading Instagram content.

Then, no need to create an account to download videos, no login required, can be used on cellphones, tablets, and PCs.

IGDownloader – Instagram Video Download Site

The last site is IGDownloader. This site is a multifunctional platform that supports downloading videos, IGTV, reels, and photos from Instagram.

IGDownloader can also be used on mobile phones and PCs/laptops. You can also download various content from Instagram as you wish.

Thus the Instagram video download site that has been discussed on this occasion. So, which site will you choose?