Install Eyezy Apk, Tracking Application Tracking and Monitoring Others

JSMedia – Have you ever heard of Eyezy apk which can monitor location? The existence of the internet has helped a lot in daily activities. For example, one of them is to find out the location of a person.

You must have felt when you contacted someone but didn’t reply, from chat to telephone. Don’t panic, because now there is an application that can help to find the person’s location.

Eyezy Apk, Monitor and Track Other People’s Location

Eyezy Apk, Monitor and Track Other People's Location

Eyezy apk is an application to monitor a person’s location by tracking and monitoring from a specific device. Many parents use this application to find out the current location of their children.

It turns out that the Eyezy application is not only used to track the current location. The application can also find out the contents of social media carried out by children.

The Eyezy application can also notify the browsing history of children through the browser application. As a parent, of course, you want your child to stay on a positive path when they hold a gadget.

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How Eyezy APK for Tracking Works

How Eyezy APK for Tracking Works

The many benefits provided by the Eyzey application about a person’s location and view his browsing history. Must be curious how the Eyezy Apk application works? This time there is a discussion that can satisfy that curiosity.

1. The Eyezy application has a service that can monitor all activities from another device as a whole.

2. Anyone can use the Eyezy app to keep an eye on someone they care about.

3. Even parents can also use this device so that they can find out what their children are doing when surfing the internet.

4. How it works by connecting the devices with each other.

5. Then there will be a notification in detail of information related to social media, from WhatsApp to Instagram.

6. Not only social media, but the application also has other benefits. Such as notifying the history of browsing performed by the device.

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Download the Latest Eyezy Application for Free

Download the Latest Eyezy Application for Free

If you already know from understanding and how it works, you can directly download this application to be able to monitor and track other people, be it friends or your children through the eyezy apk application with the requirements below:

App NameEyezy Apk
Require AndroidAndroid 5.0 and Up
File Size74.7 MB

Download Eyezy Apk for Android

Download Eyezy Apk for iOS

How to Register Eyezy Apk Easily

How to Register Eyezy Apk Easily

Now you know the greatness of the Eyezy application, which is often needed, especially for parents who have children. Next is how to register the application so you can use it immediately.

1. Open the official website of the Eyezy application so you can create a new account.

2. Click the login or register menu to enter the application.

3. Previously, fill in all personal data completely in order to create a new account. Fill in the fields provided.

4. If you have filled in the data, then click Register.

5. Wait a few moments until you get a notification that the account registration has been successful.

How to Use the Eyezy App

If you have downloaded and installed the Eyezy application, you can use it immediately. When the account is ready, please login directly using the account.

Then there will be instructions when you first enter it. Follow the instructions. If in the middle of the road there are problems or obstacles while in the middle of using it. Please directly contact the customer service of the Eyezy application.

Is Eyezy App Safe or Not?

When talking about the security of an application, it will relate to the safety of the device that will be used. Likewise with the Eyezy application. Is the application safe or not?

Actually using the Eyezy application is safe. But, is it justified to monitor other people’s privacy without any notification? Supervising without permission is a violation.

When conducting surveillance using the Eyezy application, you should ask for permission first. So as not to be subject to articles for committing violations.

The final word

That’s a review of the Eyezy apk that can monitor and monitor other people. Indeed, the benefits are very meaningful, especially for parents who want to supervise their children. However, children also have privacy that other people, including their parents, don’t want to know.