Interesting Facts about Cedars Sinai Hospital Including Cost per Night, Where Nikita Willy Will Give Birth – The couple Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan will welcome the birth of their first son in Los Angeles, United States (US).

Not without reason, both of them revealed that they wanted to provide the best and safest facilities for their prospective baby who would be born in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

No kidding, to make sure everything runs smoothly, Niki, as he is affectionately known, chose Cedars Sinai Hospital which is known to be one of the best hospitals in America.

The hospital, which is famous for its luxurious maternity suites, is known to have helped the birth of Hollywood celebrity babies, from Britney Spears to Victoria Beckham.

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Of course, with complete and luxurious facilities, as well as number one service, we can certainly judge the fantastic price for giving birth at this hospital.

To see interesting facts about Cedars Sinai Hospital which will be the place where Nikita Willy gave birth to her first child, here is what has summarized as reported by the Mirror for you.

1. History of Cedars Sinai Hospital

Hospital illustration.  (Shutterstock)
Hospital illustration. (Shutterstock)

This 24-acre hospital complex is located on Beverly Boulevard, right next to the famous Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The hospital has 958 beds and employs more than 2,000 doctors and 10,000 staff.

After being renamed Cedars of Lebanon, the hospital moved to an art deco building on Fountain Avenue near Paramount studios. This location makes it a magnet for famous Hollywood celebrities.

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In 1962, this hospital merged with Mount Sinai Home, a hospital for the incurable and moved to the location sought today.

2. Famous for its Super Luxurious Maternity Suite

Illustration of childbirth.  (Elements Envanto)
Illustration of childbirth. (Elements Envanto)

The hospital is famous for its luxurious maternity suites that are in great demand by famous celebrities, from the Kardashians, Beckhams and Britney Spears. They pay dearly to give birth to a baby with a series of luxurious facilities in it.

From welcome packages with diapers and wine, to gourmet dining for new moms and to rumors of a ‘secret tunnel’. Of course, there is no need to save money to make sure your little one is born in a luxurious and exclusive way.

3. Fantastic Maternity Cost

Illustration of a lot of money.  (Pexels/KarolinaGrabowska)
Illustration of a lot of money. (Pexels/KarolinaGrabowska)

To get luxurious facilities in a maternity suite at Cesars Sinai like Nikita Willy, you have to spend up to 2000 pounds sterling or IDR 38 million per night.

This suite comprises a patient lounge and adjoining sitting room, and features a luxurious en suite bathroom, bathrobes, recessed lighting, flat-screen TV, wooden flooring, and access to salon services such as haircuts, manicures and pedicures.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you can opt for a more luxurious suite for £2,800, which has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and both options come with a private doula.

Some even have their own bathtub, which means moms who are giving birth can rest and relax in the comfort of their bubble.

4. Delicious Food Menu Like a Five Star Restaurant

Healthy Food Illustration.  (
Healthy Food Illustration. (

At Cedars Sinai, new parents can enjoy a gourmet postnatal dinner in the comfort of their own suite.

The in-room fridge is also stocked with complimentary juices and bottled water. Most notably, there is a welcome basket with wine and diapers waiting for the patient at check-in.

Both parents were also provided with three sumptuous meals a day, with vegetarian and vegan options. From steaks and strawberries to organic and halal food, everything can be catered for. And, of course, there’s wine for parents and guests to toast.

5. Celebrities who gave birth at Cedars Sinai Hospital

Portrait of Kylie Jenner Pregnant with Second Child (instagram/@kyliejenner)
Portrait of Kylie Jenner Pregnant with Second Child (instagram/@kyliejenner)

Celebrities who have given birth in the hospital are perhaps the most famous and frequent are the Kardashians.

Kourtney gave birth to her three babies at the hospital, and Kim and Kim welcomed daughter North West and son Saint into the luxury suite there.

Then followed the birth of Chicago there, and Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner also gave birth to Stormi in the hospital a few years ago

Other celebrity parents who welcomed their child to the hospital include Beyonce and Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Britney and K-Fed, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Pink, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Victoria and David Beckham, Chris Pratt and Anna. Faris, as well as Jessica Simpson and Salma Hayek.

In addition to giving birth, a row of other celebrities are also known to have received treatment at the hospital.

Among them is the big screen legend Marilyn Monroe, whose appendix was removed there in 1952, sticking a note on her stomach begging surgeons not to leave a huge scar.

In that emergency room, Frank Sinatra also reportedly died of a heart attack in 1998, and it was at the hospital’s oncology unit that Patrick Swayze received a diagnosis of devastating pancreatic cancer in 2007.

Madonna was also checked for hernia surgery in 2006 and doctors saved Lamar Odom’s life when he was flown there after a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel in 2015.