International Women’s Day, Google Doodle Displays Photos of World Women, Jakarta – International Women’s Day 2022 which falls every March 8, is also commemorated by the Google Doodle by displaying dozens of portraits of women from various regions of the world.

Based on team monitoring Telset on Tuesday (8/3/2022), a special Doodle for International Women’s Day 2022 appeared on the main page of Google.

The appearance is in the form of dozens of women’s faces from various regions of the world with different appearances. In the middle there is an animation of planet Earth and the play icon that you can press.

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Google Doodle International Women's Day

When the Google Doodle logo is pressed, 7 animated slides will appear showing women in various activities.

The first is a mother who is working at the same time taking care of 2 children at home. Second, 3 women who work in the operating room. The third slide is a grandmother who is watering flowers while taking care of her 2 grandchildren. The fourth content is a woman who is repairing a tool in a workshop.

The fifth is a woman who is working as a clothing designer. The sixth slide shows a woman fixing a motorbike in a workshop, and the last slide is an animation of a woman who works as a photographer in the wild.

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International Women's Day Animation
7 Google Doodle animated slides

Quoted from the official Google Doodle blog, the meaning of dozens of women’s faces from various regions of the world to describe the diversity of women.

Meanwhile, the seven animated slides convey the message that women are tough figures because they can work and take care of their families at the same time.

“Every illustration that Doodle draws today is connected by a true red of how women appear for themselves, their families and their communities,” explains Google Doodle.

This Doodle animation was created by a German artist named Thoka Maer. In his interview excerpt, Thoka was inspired by the lives of women during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I was inspired by life during the pandemic, because the last few years have been difficult for everyone, including women,” said Thoka.

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According to him, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced women to adjust their priorities and make sacrifices to help others in need.

“The reality of recent years has forced women to shift focus, adjust priorities and make sacrifices to be there for others who need them,” she added.

For those of you who are curious about the Google Doodle edition of International Women’s Day 2022, please open Google Search and see the animation that Google brings to this precious moment. (NM/MF)